Lady Gaga’s Has Wardrobe Malfunction—Again

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago

Every time she comes, she brings news with her. Yes, we are talking about Lady Gaga. She remains in the news with her latest wardrobe malfunction, something to be considered as a major fashion mishap of this summer. (via Ok! Magazine) Read on for more details.

No doubt, she loves drama and this time she makes it by displaying her flesh colored underwear. The incident took place on the set of “American Horror Story: Hotel” The singer was clad in a bright red two-piece outfit. The “You and I” creator showcased her toned legs beneath the side-cut of the skirt she was wearing. Unfortunately her underwear was peeping out along her legs. The “Born This Way” singer didn’t mind about the fashion fail as usual.

The 29-years-old singing sensation suffered wardrobe malfunctions thrice, if not mistaken, may be more than that this year. Back in February, then June, and now in September. She showed her skin explicitly more than usual.

Hollywood Life reported that earlier she exposed her boobs in front of the camera to hit a pitch of sensualism. The entertainer accidentally flashed her entire boob for the camera while changing out of her dress on set in the backseat of a car on Feb. 28. Haters were saying she lives for the applause but may be flashing her asset was not she wants to be applauded for.

Then in June, when she paired denim hot paints with a gold blazer and nothing underneath, Gaga accidentally revealed her chest as she held her arms up to cover her face.

The first trailer for “American Horror Story: Hotel” was also released on Sept. 10. While reporting about “AHS: Hotel”,  Hollywood life accounts that Lady Gaga’s character drinks lots of human blood. However, she’s not a full-fledged bloodsucker. “It’s not a vampire,” creator Ryan Murphy told EW. “It’s really a form of hemophilia in a way. There’s no capes and fangs.”

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Photo Source: Hollywood Life

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