LaMarcus Aldridge: Has A Different Game Set For San Antonio Spurs But Has No Plans To Be The Next Tim Duncan Of The Franchise

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
LaMarcus Aldridge: Has A Different Game Set For San Antonio Spurs But Has No Plans To Be The Next Tim Duncan Of The Franchise

The San Antonio Spurs didn’t just sign a superstar when they attained LaMarcus Aldridge during the offseason. The 5-time NBA champions landed a centerpiece that immediately fits into the cornerstone for the Spurs future. Read on for more details.

Aldridge though got some slack from Spur fans as the power forward was known as a prominent scorer and most likely will hamper San Antonio’s type of basketball play. The 6 – 11 forward averaged last season 23.4 points, 10. 2 boards, and only 1.7 assists. Such a statistic would be questioned in the Spurs type of game which was characterized by spreading the floor well with hard cuts to the basket, applying good screens and an overabundance of defense and ball passing.

According to USA Today, Aldridge can still walk off the basketball court with 20-plus points and more ball touches than you think.

“‘No, we want you to play in the system, but you scoring is needed here,” Aldridge said.

He revealed in the interview how he was immediately drawn to San Antonio’s plan of having another big man being double-teamed below. He also said that this could work well for him considering Tim Duncan already now has approached his basketball twilight years.

The 30-year-old Texan, who is unabashed about his fixation with piling up points, also revealed that with that he wasn’t concerned about being a shadow to the 6-11 forward-center.

“No, because I’m not trying to be Tim Duncan. I’m not trying to fill his shoes,” Aldridge explained that his game is totally different from the 15 time NBA All-Star.

The stern tutelage of Coach Gregg Popovich has rigidly fashioned the Spurs into a force that has to be truly reckoned with in the NBA. In the franchise’s last 18 seasons except for the reduced 1998-99 period, the Spurs won 50 or more games adding to those aforementioned five trophies in six crusades to the coveted NBA Finals.

Aldridge will have to start working up as a Spur next season with his defense, according to Basketball Reference, the NBA has the power-forward in the 20th position when it comes to defensive win shares with 3.7 and a defensive rating of 102.

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Photo Source: Facebook/LaMarcus Aldridge

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