Lana Jeavons-Fellows Likely To Win ‘The Bachelors Australia’

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Lana Jeavons-Fellows Likely To Win ‘The Bachelors Australia’
The Bachelor Australia

“The Bachelors Australia” is creating sensation in the media and it is being speculated that Sam Wood and Lana Jeavons-Fellows would win the show. The two have been spotted over date and have been romantically involved in the show. Read on to find out more about the “The Bachelors Australia”.

The moment L Jeavons entered, the mansion Sam Wood couldn’t keep his eyes away from her. Lana went to the show as an intruder and stepped in the mansion at a very later stage.  She is said to be one of the favourite contenders who might take away the title with Sam Woods.

Lana and Woods were recently spotted at Sydney Harbour enjoying parasailing and planted a kiss on her cheek too. In another incident, the two got intensely involved on the show when the duo went on a beach side destination date, it is rumoued that the two were so indulged in their slow romantic twirling that they even forgot about the audience on the show as stated by Daily Mail. Their date is said to be serenaded by UK singer Jamie Lawson later on.

Woods is for sure smitten by the beauty of gorgeous Lana, who is Laura Dundovics’ bestie. The beautiful blonde too on the other hand feels the special connection as she mentioned in an episode preview clip that, this was something she had never felt before, it was special and she had butterflies.

The duo chatted in the group date first week when Lana arrived mansion. Shortly after that the two came closer on their subsequent dates as the 34 year old handsome hunk Woods think that despite of LJeavons late entry on the show he is still interested to know about her.

Let us wait to see weather Lana Jeavons win the title “The Bachelors Australia” with Sam Woods or not.

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