Was Lance Bass Sexually Harassed by Music Professional During His Stint In ‘N Sync?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Was Lance Bass Sexually Harassed by Music Professional During His Stint In ‘N Sync?
Lance Bass

Incidents of sexual harassment are nothing new in the world of celebrities and stardom. Yet every disclosure continues to shock and baffle us. Meet Lance Bass who has made accusations lately about being sexually harassed too. Read on.

Bass is someone we all know as a former member of the ‘N Sync band and one who is blessed with charming looks. But what we did not know about this young celebrity is that he had been sexually harassed during his teenage days by a renowned music industry professional when the band was at the height of its popularity

On Wednesday, Bass was speaking on a show called “Meredith Vieira Show” where he shared with a panel of the program’s hosts that it is perhaps a false notion that only women are subjected to acts of sexual harassment by higher-ups who have established themselves in the entertainment industry.

In another such incident, Variety had published an account shared by Ashley Judd on this. She is a survivor of incest and sexual abuse and announced that one of the most famous and admired bosses in the film industry had sexually harassed her in the past.

Bass said that when they had started, the boys worked with a person, whose name he did not divulge used to touch them inappropriately. He was just 16 at that time but was still aware that the said guy had a psychiatric disorder.

The former boyband member also shared that the concerned person used to touch him oddly, but there was no feeling of victimization, even at that time as he was quite aware of the entire thing. But he wanted to share that even they did not escape from harassment.

Bass, however, was not forthcoming to give a name to the professional who he was referring to in the show.

Vanity Fair had published an article that exposed Lou Perlman in 2007 who was referred to as “Big Poppa” and the creator of Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync where it was alleged that Perlman was a sexual predator.

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