Lance Stephenson Makes His Way To Clippers’ Preseason Starting Roster

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Lance Stephenson Makes His Way To Clippers’ Preseason Starting Roster
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Lance Stephenson was on the starting roster for the Los Angeles Clippers when they went up against their rivals the Golden State Warriors last Tuesday.

Doc Rivers made it clear though that it doesn’t mean that they have decided on anything as he mentioned to The Orange County Register.

“I do like the six preseason games in one way because there are just six of them. But in some ways you do wish you had more so you could tinker a little bit more. But our practices we do it a lot anyway,” Rivers said.

He explained as the three-year head coach experimented on three altered line-ups in their five preseason games.

Rivers is in an impasse with Stephenson’s role in the squad. Earlier it was agreed that the former Charlotte Hornet will start off the bench. Recently, it came into Rivers’ attention that Stephenson can make his mark on defense on the opposing team’s guard or small forward which will unload star point guard Chris Paul of such duties.

The former 2009 Mr. New York Basketball’s crack on the lineup. A small forward gave him a measly four point in 18 minutes on the hard court, however, the Clipper “newbie” also managed to put up three assists, two rebounds and a steal on a Clippers victory.

Stephenson will compete for the starting spot against other transplanted players namely Paul Pierce and Wes Johnson.


In a report from Yahoo! Sports, the 25-year-old athlete was ecstatic with the current line-up that he has surrounded himself with.

“We have a lot more talent than I ever had in Indy,” Stephenson said.

Moving to the “City of Angels” is a journey for redemption in the part of Lance Stephenson and a possible chance for him to earn a championship ring this season mainly due to a huge stockpile of talents that the Los Angeles Clippers have amassed during the offseason.

Photo Source: Facebook/Los Angeles Clippers

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