Larry Stylinson Exists! A Photo Seems to Resemble Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Larry Stylinson Exists! A Photo Seems to Resemble Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Georges Biard | One Direction’s fictional bromance between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson: Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson really does exist! A cover of a book, which features a man who literally resembles Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson surfaced on the Internet. We bet you’re dying to see what it looks like! Read on to learn more about this scoop!

If Larry Stylinson were real and if they had a love child, then this man would be the perfect illustration of that. The man from the cover of Daisy Whitney’s book, “The Rivals” seems to resemble the perfect combination of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.

According to Sugarscape, the man’s face bears a combination of Tomlinson and Styles’ physical features, making it the perfect Larry Stylinson. The man’s hair resembles that of Tomlinson’s while the eyebrows are of Styles’. The nose and the mouth, however, seems to come from both One Direction members.

Larry Stylinson’s ‘love child’ surfaced on the Internet when a Larry shipper named “@dreaminglwt posted the photo and wrote: “this guy on this book looks like Louis and harry im????”

Larry shippers immediately went crazy while some found the photo odd. The one who uploaded the photo tweeted: “@cxpcakezayn this is literally Louis and harry’s love child.”

A lot of Larry Stylinson fans re-tweeted the photo while a user named nat (@ultimatepaynis) asked everyone to keep re-tweeting the photo in hopes that Stylinson and Tomlinson will notice the photo.

In case you guys were wondering about the book bearing the photo of Larry Stylinson, “The Rivals” was written by Daisy Whitney, the same person behind “The Mockingbirds.”

“The Rivals” is about a boy named Alex Patrick who was assaulted and later on became the head of the Mockingbirds. Alex and the rest of the Mockingbirds vow to secretly protect the students, but it looks like they have a case without any obvious victim.

Alex tries to gather a couple of evidences, but she realizes that every evidence bridges a gap between her and her friends, boyfriend, and other members of the team.

“Puts a compelling and ingenious twist on everything you think you know about sex, violence, victimhood, justice—and the true meaning of power,” reviewed Gayle Foreman, according to Amazon.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Georges Biard

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