Larry Stylinson Fans Believe Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Will Announce Their ‘Relationship’ Soon [WATCH VIDEO]

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Larry Stylinson Fans Believe Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Will Announce Their ‘Relationship’ Soon [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Georges Biard | One Direction’s fictional bromance between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson: Larry Stylinson

Larry Stylinson fans are having their hopes up once again after Louis Tomlinson confirmed his breakup with longtime girlfriend, Eleanor Caldour. Some shippers are already expecting Tomlinson and Harry Styles to announce their alleged relationship soon. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Larry Stylinson fans might be one of the best observers in the world! From matching tattoos to decoding “hidden” messages from interviews, Larry shippers know just about everything from the fictional One Direction bromance.

Tomlinson recently announced his breakup from Caldour. Styles was also rumored to have split with rumored girlfriend, Nadine Leopold at the same time. It seemed to excite some Larry fans that their fictional couple is real.

Just recently, Louis Tomlinson helped Harry Styles when the latter could no longer catch his breath to perform his part for “Ready To Run.” According to Unreality TV, Tomlinson performed Styles’ part of the song when he noticed that Styles was running out of breath. Aww, isn’t that sweet?

This news alerted some Larry fans that their shipped couple will soon be coming out as a couple.

A YouTube user named Vivian Darkbloom even compiled a list of Larry proof along with photos in order to show everyone that their worshipped couple is indeed real.

Darkbloom wrote: “So it’s been a month and I personally think they’re gonna come out soon. If you’re an Elounor shipper, maybe I can change your mind and maybe I cant…”

The clip showed a list of evidences with accompanying parts two and three videos. It was because the list of “proof” cannot seem to fit just one video and the list of evidences just keep coming as the years go by.

The video went on and showed Styles and Tomlinson sharing the same clothes and blanket. The clip also showed a list of tweets from Styles, which seem to answer Larry shippers’ request.

Larry Stylinson fans asked Styles to tweet about gay symbols if Larry is real and Styles tweeted the next day: “I study rainbows.”

Fans asked the “Steal My Girl” hit maker to tweet something about food and he tweeted: “Burger.”

What do you guys think? Are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, the infamous “Larry Stylinson,” coming out as a couple anytime soon? Sound off in the comments!

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Georges Biard


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