‘The Last Face’ : Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Forced to Reunite for the Reshoot

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘The Last Face’ : Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Forced to Reunite for the Reshoot

They have been friends for a very long time before they developed feelings for each other. Now it seems they don’t even have that. Naturally once you have broken up, you can’t go back to just being friends and especially after you’ve had something as special like Charlize Theron and Sean Penn once had, it is bound to get awkward. The ex-couple found themselves in an awkward situation when they had to reshoot some of the scenes for Sean Penn’s directorial “The Last Face”.

According to Daily Mail, shoot of the movie that was taking place in South Africa never seemed so full of tension. The actors had done this once before but they used to be a happy couple at the time. They were also reportedly engaged, however there were no reports confirming this. Tension on the sets increased when Charlize arrived with a tense look. It was not easy for Sean as well as he looked visibly expressionless when he was explaining Charlize what he wanted from her in the scene.

In between the shots, the two were seen walking away from each other in opposite directions as Sean lit a cigarette. It is also being said that this reshoot is taking place exactly two months after Charlize called off her engagement with Sean. If reports are to be believed, then the actress all of a sudden iced him out completely. Apparently she would not even reply to his calls or texts. Everything seemed well when the couple were seen happy and comfortable in each other’s company back on May 14th when Charlize attended the Cannes Film Festival with Sean by her side. She was seen promoting “Mad Max: Fury Road”. They were also spotted in Vienna two days later but it is said things went awry after Vienna.

Even after all of this, Sean’s daughter Dylan mentioned that her equation with Charlize remains the same. She had nothing but good things to say about her and the movie which she believes is a masterpiece.

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Photo source: Facebook/Sean Penn Fanpage

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