The Last Man on Earth Premiere Recap: Alive in Tucson/Elephant in the Room

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Last Man on Earth Premiere Recap: Alive in Tucson/Elephant in the Room
Will Forte at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. April 29, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

The Last Man on Earth” Season 1 Episode 1 and 2 “Alive in Tucson/Elephant in the Room” premiered with a two-episode offering on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. A virus has wiped out the human race in the year 2020 and as Phil Miller searches for other people, he realizes he may be the only human left. Find out what happened in this two-part debut in the recap below.

It is one year after a virus has swept the earth and Phil (Will Forte) is going all over the United States to look for survivors. He has already crossed out all of the states in his map and found no one. He puts up billboards to signify that someone is alive in Tucson, but finds nothing. So, he heads home back to his tiny house and realizes he can crash at a nearby mansion.

He starts redecorating this house. After all no one would mind, right? He takes some stuff from the bus he’s driving around with and places Oscar trophies, million-dollar paintings and other famous paraphernalia he’s gathered from everywhere in his new place.

At night before going to sleep, he talks to God and enumerates what he has done so far. He tells God it’s not all that bad since in the old world, he could never afford to live in a mansion and wear Hugh Hefner’s pajamas. But there are some drawbacks, he says. There are no women. Can God send one?

In the morning, he goes to a nearby store in his underwear and messes around the grocery, eating whatever he likes. He also sees a bunch of porn and hoards this. He spots a sexy mannequin by a store window as he drives by.

That night, he talks to God again and in the morning, he plays bowling in a parking lot using lamps and aquariums as the bowling pins. He’s using real cars to crash it into each other and starts becoming creative in an effort to entertain himself. Again, no one would call him out. Everyone’s dead (but there are, surprisingly, no dead bodies around).

Later, he’s watching Tom Hanks on “Castaway” and shouts at the television, to the character talking to a ball. In the morning while he’s out playing again, he sees the calendar he has marked and realizes it’s already June 21, 2021 – His birthday.

That night, Phil celebrates with a cake and reminisces about past birthdays surrounded by family. He prays to God again, this time he’s angry that no one is coming. But he proudly tells God he doesn’t need people anymore. He has learned to live alone.

Five months later and the mansion he’s living in is trashed with all his junk. His beard has grown longer and it looks like he hasn’t taken a bath. So he fills a kiddie pool with margarita and bathes in it. He goes to the bar to have whisky with his “friends” who are all balls with faces drawn on them, just like in “Castaway.”

That night with one of his ball buddies, Phil goes to the store where the pretty mannequin stands by the window. He convinces himself to “talk” to her. He slowly approaches and strikes a conversation with her, and then he touches the mannequin’s face, kisses her and apologizes to her. But then, Phil snaps to his senses when he realizes she’s nothing but an object. He curses God.

The next day, Phil spray paints his tomb and declares to his ball buddies that in two minutes they will be laying him to rest. He rides his truck and attempts to collide it to a big rock, but at the last minute, he steps on the breaks because he sees black smoke from a distance.

He drives up there and discovers a camp with freshly laundered clothes hanging on a clothespin. This included a woman’s bra. Yes! Phil is so ecstatic that when he hears a woman’s voice from behind him, he collapses.

Now awake, Phil sees that there’s a beautiful woman next to him! She tells her that she saw his billboards all over, so she decided to follow the trail. She’s thrilled to have found him, too. They sing “Ghostbusters” and then they kiss for a long time.

But then, it’s all just in Phil’s head because there’s no gorgeous woman kissing him! There’s only this ordinary looking woman who’s giving him mouth to mouth. He freaks out and she freaks out as well. She aims a gun at him and asks if he’s a good person. Also, she’s kind of a grammar Nazi. He convinces her he’s harmless and somehow she puts her gun safely away. They introduce themselves to each other and she tells him her name is Carol (Kristen Schaal).

Carol doesn’t stop talking at all and she apologizes for hogging the conversation for the last 45 minutes. Later, they drive around the town and he learns that Carol isn’t just a grammar Nazi, she’s a stickler for traffic rules, too. How long before Phil becomes super annoyed by her and wishes he never met her?

He gives her a tour of the mansion and she pretends it’s cool. But when she sees the magazines Phil uses for masturbation, she couldn’t help but express her thoughts. Why didn’t he fix the plumbing problem at the mansion and cleaned up after himself? Phil thinks it’s time Carol returns to her campsite. She promises him she will help get his life back together.

The next day, he finds Carol cleaning up the mansion, but they end up arguing. Carol insists that they have work to do. They need to spend their energy on it, instead of building Jenga towers. They need to get cleaning supplies and garden supplies. At the store, they argue once again. Phil parked in the handicap corner and she thinks it’s not right. He taunts her and parks inside the store. She’s upset that he doesn’t care about rules. How barbaric!

At the bar, Phil whines about Carol to his ball buddies and the next day, when he sees her moving in to the mansion next door, he tries to stop her. But when are they going to start talking about their purpose; the reason why they’re the only two people alive? Phil doesn’t get it so Carol spells it out for her: re-population.

Phil tells her he wouldn’t have sex with her if she were the last person on earth. Hah! Carol admits she detests him too, but the fate of the human race lies on them now.

Sometime later, Carol asks for Phil’s help regarding irrigation in her tiny farm at her house. But Phil doesn’t want to help her, so she checks the water supply by herself. That night, he steals fresh tomatoes from Carol’s farm. The next day, she comes to his house and accuses him of being a terrorist. He notices that Carol is limping though and it’s coz she hurt her toe while working on the manhole for her water. She declares she’s given up the water project since it’s a lost cause. What made her think she can give birth to the new human race when she couldn’t even handle this?

Phil assures her she’s overreacting over a stupid garden. But then, realizing he can really do something productive, Phil sets out to fix the water problem for Carol’s garden, albeit rather crudely. The next day, Carol invites him for dinner to thank him.

Over dinner, Carol thanks him again and says that maybe God really wants the two of them to lay together and populate the human race. Philip has no objection this time, only because he’s really horny. But Carol says she’s not having sex unless they get married first. The first child of the new world is not going to be a bastard. Phil thinks she’s crazy, but what choice does he have, really? He proposes to her at the end of the episode.

That’s what happened on “The Last Man on Earth” Season 1 Episode 1 and 2 “Alive in Tucson/Elephant in the Room” which debuted on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. The show has become the number one comedy series to debut this season, according to TVLine.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

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