The Last Man on Earth Recap: Dunk the Skunk/Some Friggin’ Fat Guy

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Last Man on Earth Recap: Dunk the Skunk/Some Friggin’ Fat Guy
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The Last Man on Earth” Season 1 Episode 5 “Dunk the Skunk” and Season 1 Episode 6 “Some Friggin’ Fat Guy” aired as back to back episodes on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. This idea about repopulating the Earth is getting really complicated for Phil and Carol. Find out what happened in the episodes in the recap below.

“Dunk the Skunk”

The Earth needs as many babies as possible, that’s what Carol (Kristen Schaal) said to her husband Phil (Will Forte), which is why they have to copulate as often as they can. But Phil wants new girl — and sexy, horny, hot new girl! — Melissa (January Jones), too. So, he comes up with a plan using Carol’s reasoning.

He feeds his wife the idea that if they do end up having kids together, who would their kids be having sex with to repopulate? Each other? Ewww, right?! So, he proposes to Carol: he could impregnate Melissa as well. It’s what the world needs. Only, Carol grew mad when she learned that her husband talked to Melissa about this first instead of her.

Now, she’s angry at both Phil and Melissa, the horny husband-stealer. And Melissa is mad at Phil for being a schmuck and ruining her relationship with possibly the only female friend she will ever have.

Phil is apologetic about the whole thing. So much so that he embraces being a skunk, a term his wife labels him during her fit of anger. He creates a sketchy carnival out on the street to lure the two women together. They can egg Phil all they want, but his big idea was to really talk them into agreeing to his plan.

After making peace with each other, the women finally agree. Yes, Phil can also have sex with Melissa. But there will be strict rules to follow and once Melissa finally bears her child, the physical contact between them will have to end, too. Phil couldn’t contain his excitement over the prospect. It’s lucky to be the last man on Earth, right?

So, on their first night together, Phil did all the preparations and Melissa thought everything looked really romantic. They were going to have sex underneath the stars. Phil even prepared actual fireworks. But just as they were about to do it, a sports car drives by and out comes Todd (Mel Rodriquez). Apparently, Phil isn’t the only man in existence! What is going on?

“Some Friggin’ Fat Guy”

New guy Todd is not at all a good looking guy. He’s kind of overweight, too, a fact that Phil always points out to the women. He’s threatened by his presence, obviously, because now, his idea will be challenged by his wife. If Todd gets to have sex with Melissa, then their children will be able to copulate with Phil and Carol’s children. It’s not going to be gross. Problem solved, right?

Except that Phil really, really still wants Melissa and he’s going crazy over the fact that Todd seems to be bonding with her over their love for similar movies. Phil embarrasses himself as he joins in their conversation, but to counter that, he bullies Todd, in a subtle way, about his weight.

Only, this one backfired because Todd confessed how much he has struggled with weight issues as a teenager. The women consoled him. Thinking he’s not going to win any points, Phil joins in and comforts Todd too, but he clearly came off as insincere, if only the rest of them would notice.

Later, Carol plays matchmaker between Melissa and Todd and they do go out on a date…and second one followed immediately. All the while, Phil hasn’t let up with his intimidation by body-shaming the new guy. He challenges him to play tennis without their shirts. Who will Melissa thinks looks hot, huh?

But Melissa notices there’s a scar on Todd’s body, which apparently is from a kidney surgery done on him years ago. He donated his to a foster brother, who still died despite his efforts. Once again, Todd gets the women’s sympathy and Melissa rushes to comfort him, as well as make out with him. Phil isn’t going to win with this guy ever!

Later, he tries the desperate approach and confronts Melissa, telling her that she should not easily trust the fat guy. She gets mad at him. Still, Phil is persistent. He apologizes for his lack of communication skills. That’s what you get for being friends with different types of balls all these years, right?

Phil shows Melissa his ball buddies and with their “help,” he tells her, rather indirectly, that he’s probably falling in love with Melissa. But as one should expect, she rejects this. She doesn’t date married guys, okay? Phil feigns the rejection by acting like his confession is actually meant for Carol. But man, was his feelings crushed!

And that’s what happened on “The Last Man on Earth” Season 1 Episode 5 “Dunk the Skunk” and Season 1 Episode 6 “Some Friggin’ Fat Guy,” which aired on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX.

Are you actually rooting for Phil to be with Melissa?

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