The Last Man on Earth Recap: Sweet Melissa

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Last Man on Earth Recap: Sweet Melissa
Will Forte at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. April 29, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

The Last Man on Earth” Season 1 Episode 4 “Sweet Melissa” aired on Sunday, Mar. 15, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Phil works his charm on Melissa, the other female survivor they have accidentally come across. But how can he be with her when he’s still married to Carol? Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

Her name is Melissa Shart (January Jones), which sounds really funny. Phil (Will Forte) is so smitten by this gorgeous newcomer that he’s exhibiting a school-boy crush for her. They accidentally ran their car towards each other (in the episode “Raisin Balls & Wedding Bells” air date: Mar. 8, 2015) and Phil couldn’t believe his bad luck because, as it turns out, Carol isn’t the last woman alive. There’s Melissa!

Carol (Kristen Schaal) screams upon seeing her. She’s giddy and excited about finding another person that she doesn’t notice her husband could only stare at the new girl. She said she’s been in town two weeks, before Carol. Phil could’ve met her ahead if only he placed his address on those billboards he left all over America.

Carol proudly tells Melissa that they have just gotten married and they’re in the honeymoon phase. She shares lots of embarrassing stories, such as how Phil uses the pool as the toilet, or how he never got to fixing her door. Oh, man! How can he stop his wife from talking so that he can get started on impressing Melissa?

As Melissa departs to rest in her new house, they share a group hug. Phil smells her hair. Melissa returns for dinner. Phil surprises her with his face clean-shaven. Carol is also shocked that he got rid of his beard. He looks odd. He bums out upon learning that Melissa actually thought his beard was “kinda cool.” Carol chimes in and says he looks like Quentin Tarantino/K.D. Lang now.

As they’re having dinner, Phil wouldn’t take his eyes off Melissa Shart. She tells them a bit about herself and Phil laughs at her every joke. They bond over their common love for the Volkswagen. Carol joins in on the conversation to ask Melissa if she was ever married. She’s starting to sense something about Phil at this point. Of course! Her husband is flirting with their new neighbor, but fortunately, Melissa isn’t impressed and excuses herself after dinner.

With only the two of them left again, Carol tells Phil that without his beard, it’s like she’s cheating on him with a different man. But she insists, she would never cheat. Can he take a hint? Phil begs off procreating that night. He’s embarrassed to say he’s got diarrhea. Carol tells him, he should never be embarrassed about this now that they’re married. Before Carol leaves Phil though, she asks if he’s attracted to Melissa. What’s he supposed to say?

That night, Phil dreams that Melissa, in a long, white and sexy night dress, is calling out to her. He follows her…to the toilet, where Carol is taking a dump. She has diarrhea and laughs at Phil in a sinister way. He screams as he wakes up from this nightmare.

In the morning, he’s doing bench presses in the middle of his house on purpose.Melissa walks in to tell him that giving her a Volkswagen wasn’t necessary. Carol sees this too and demands why her husband is giving this other woman a car. He reasons they smashed hers, it’s the least thing to do.

Carol is upset that Phil has the time to find Melissa a gift. He still hasn’t fixed her door, which Carol uses as a metaphor for their marriage. He wants to move on as it’s broken for good; she wants work on it to fix it. He loses the argument with his wife.

As Phil is fixing the door, the girls spend time in the couch. Carol tells Melissa that the main reason why they got married was so they could repopulate. She didn’t want bastard children and Phil didn’t walk away when most men probably would. Later, Melissa invites them both for beers, but Carol has diarrhea, apparently. So it’s just Phil and Melissa.

She tells him that she’s been really horny for two years. He takes this as a cue to get her to bed. But then, here’s that thing: she respects that Phil and Carol are married and that they have each other. Oh, that? Phil says he can fix it and excuses himself to talk to his wife.

He finds her doing crafts. She made a wreath for their door, believing that one day, Phil will be able to fix it magnificently. Again with the metaphor! He realizes, he cannot do this to Carol. He’s gonna have to stay in the marriage. For now.

That’s the recap for “The Last Man on Earth” Season 1 Episode 4 “Sweet Melissa” which aired on Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Check back to Movie News Guide (MNG) for the updates and recaps about this show.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

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