Last Man Standing Season 4 Recap: Mike Takes a Risk

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Last Man Standing Season 4 Recap: Mike Takes a Risk
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Mike Baxter is making one of the biggest decisions of his life in the new episode of “Last Man Standing” Season 4 Episode 10 “Outdoor Man Grill,” which aired last Dec. 5, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Mandy becomes strangely obsessed with pheasant feathers, Kristin is taking a huge leap and Mike seeks help to one of his daughters to make his dreams come true. Read on to know what Mike is up to.

Mandy is tired from sewing all day that she takes a bottle of beer from the table in front of Mike. Mike sarcastically says she still has the energy to open him a bottle and takes it from her. Mandy pretends she thought it was soda.

Kyle and Eve arrive from hunting. They bring dead pheasant ducks for dinner. Mandy notices the pheasants and is fascinated by their feathers. She shares pheasant feathers are expensive and hot in fashion. She says Kate Middleton is always wearing the feathers. She plans on making her own pheasant feather accessories and selling them online.

Ryan and Kristin also arrive with free food from Kristin’s restaurant. She is proud that being the manager, she can always take food from the restaurant without anyone stopping her.

Vanessa enters the door suddenly, sharing her wonderful day in school. She is happy to go back in college and study to pursue a teaching career. She tells her family that no one from her class knows they exist.

Ed goes to Mike’s office for their daily meeting, just the two of them as always. It ends in less than minute; it is just for the sake of being professional at work anyway.

Mike brings up again their wild game restaurant plan. The kind of food he is planning to serve is inspired by his travels. He remembers kudu, zebra kebabs and red camel stew with disgust. Ed thinks it is too risky. and they know nothing about restaurant business.

Kyle and Eve arrive from hunting again. Mandy shows up wearing a pheasant feather headdress. She is excited that her new online business is successful. She looks at the bag full of dead pheasants and becomes disappointed that there are no colorful ones.

Kyle says he cannot go back hunting for a while because he has to take care of his grandmother who will undergo back surgery. Eve, on the other hand, is tired of eating pheasants. She says if only Mandy can make a hat out of shrimps. Mandy decides to go hunting. Eve becomes excited and wants to see her fail.

Mike visits Kristin in her restaurant. He invites her to be his business partner because she is knowledgeable about restaurants. Kristin rejects his offer for she does not want to leave her job and is afraid that her “good relationship” with Mike will end. Mike finds it insincere for they usually do not see eye to eye on things.

When Kristin arrives home, she shares with Ryan her conversation with Mike. She is afraid that if the business will fail, they will be having a harder time with finances. Ryan becomes optimistic again with his “We will find a way” motto, which Kristin finds annoying. She wants a specific plan.

Mike tells Vanessa he wants to use their joint funds as investment. Vanessa does not want to support him because it is too risky. She just entered the training for teachers so she also needs the funds. Mike finds her selfish.

Eve and Mandy go out to hunt. Mandy is disgusted to wear an orange vest that she finds hideous. Eve tells her she needs it to avoid being shot. As soon as Mandy spots a pheasant, she starts gunning it down like a pro. Eve is surprised with Mandy’s unexpected skill.

The next day, Ryan arrives home with good news for Kristin. He tells her he landed a new job with a higher salary.

Kristin is excited that she goes to her father’s house, telling him she changed her mind. The real reason why she said no is because she was not sure if she can count on her husband for support. She already has her plans for the restaurant and contacted six branches that take care of exotic animals for food.

It ends with Mike posting on the Outdoor Man vlog. He begins by talking about history until he ends up promoting nets his company sells.

There you have it for the recap on “Last Man Standing” Season 4 Episode 10 “Outdoor Man Grill,” which aired last Dec. 5, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. Catch the next episode on Dec. 12, 2014. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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