Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Hollywood Style

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Films Provide Inspiration for Halloween Costumes

Film characters are expected to be popular among the trick or treat set this year, especially from the films Thor and Captain America. Both movies made a hit splash on the summer big screen in 2011.

Bella Swan, the long suffering human girlfriend to Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, will also be largely represented among girls, with Batman, and assorted characters from many of the Batman movies, pulling some rank with the boys. Some folks will be sporting X-Men getups, as well.

Athough it will not be released until May 2012, The Avengers film is making a Halloween impression with costumes for both sexes. This is being seen as wonderful, pre-release publicity to get people talking.

Perennial favorites such as Star Wars storm troopers and any number of comic book characters will still be roaming the streets, as well as vampires, zombies and werewolves, inspired by movies and television alike. For the more adventurous, Avatar is still regarded as cool, especially the blue body paint.

On a slightly different note, former Two and a Half Men actor Charlie Sheen and the recently aquitted Casey Anthony are reportedly going to be very popular costumes among those with an alternative bent.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Hollywood Style
Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Hollywood Style

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