The Last of Us 2 Exclusive: Druckmann’s ‘Politics’ Continues Despite Requests From Fans

By Sangati Jogwar | 2 years ago
The Last of Us 2 Exclusive: Druckmann’s ‘Politics’ Continues Despite Requests From Fans
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 has already been delayed a lot. According to reports, fans expected the sequel to release in 2013. Almost three years hence, they are yet to get their hands on the second installment of the game. And now, chances are that the game developer may delay it further. It was thanks to some racist tweets from a fan.

Keep Personal Politics Out, Says Fan

Despite so much progress and advancements, there are a few groups of people who still have racist and sexist views in this world. According to Crave, a fan tweeted to the game director Neil Druckmann that The Last of Us is his favorite game. The netizen added that he should try to keep his personal politics out of the game.

Now, that is indeed surprising. It was since the same personal views of Druckmann led to the success of the first installment of the game. Incidentally, the tweet indirectly hints that the fan wants The Last of Us 2 director to keep the character male and white, which is very much disgusting.

The Last of Us 2

But the director of the game decided to go along with his decision to include his personal politics into the game. In his replying tweet, Neil Druckmann said that he cannot do so. He added that the writers have their own views regarding the virtual world.

The Last of Us 2: Druckmann to Continue Using Political Views

The Naughty Dog director has stated that he will not exclude his personal political views from The Last of Us 2. According to Druckmann, the original game is very political in nature and hence the sequel will take the same genre further.

It is indeed disgusting to see people in today’s modern world championing for racist and sexist views. Removal of personal politics from the game indirectly indicates that these people want a game with lesser women and minorities. They want the game to match their own sexual orientations. The discussions have always been there. But now for the first time, this particular fan has come forward and expressed them through his tweet.

Fortunately, Druckmann has his own views. He decided not to exclude his personal politics from The Last of Us 2. The sequel of the original The Last of Us game will debut soon.

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