‘The Last of Us 2’ Rumours: Speculations About Character And Plot

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘The Last of Us 2’ Rumours: Speculations About Character And Plot
Developers of ‘The Last of Us’ are all set to make a sequel for the movie, provided we believe in the rumors. Fans all around are speculating on the storyline and the characters that will be there in the movie. Nolan North spill the beans for the developers.

Naughty Dog is all set to make a sequel for “The Last of Us.” The die hard fans are speculating everything for the characters and the storyline for “The Last of Us 2.” Nolan North, the voice actor spills the beans even before the official declaration.

“The Last of Us” has happy news for its fans. If we can believe in the rumors Naughty Dog is working on the sequel for the game, says VC Post, and we will soon hear the release date of “The Last of Us 2.” The details are few and far in between and this has lead to numerous speculations between fans about the characters and the storyline that will feature in the sequel.

The news in Youth Health Magazine about game developers making the sequel of “The Last of Us” was spilled by the voice actor Nolan North. Last month, during a Q&A panel at MetroCon, Gamerant stated that, Nolan was asked about his next projects after “Uncharted 4”. The actor quoted that, as of now, “Uncharted 4” will be his last project with the game developers.

The company’s future game expansion plan was spilled by Nolan as he continued on to say, “I Know They are doing a sequel of Last of Us”. The game developers want to give more importance to “Uncharted 4”, so they were holding back to the plan of making an official declaration of a sequel of “Lost of Us”.

Regardless of the conditions, fans of “Last of Us” are excited after listening to this statement from Nolan. Fans are also hinted that the development of the game will be along the lines of the previous game.

Fans are waiting eagerly for the beloved characters, Joel and Ellie, to return back, as they speculate about the storyline and the characters. According to the website Movie Pilot, Tommy may feature is the sequel and the story will describe about his life after breakout from the jail and his story with Joel.

The other story that is being speculated is that, Ellie will play the main character and Joel will most likely die as he makes an attempt to save her from the Infected. The story of the new sequel revolves around the fight to survive from Ellie. Joel hides things from her which force her to move from one place to another. Ellie meets other characters and makes her point that she is immune to bite infection.

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