‘The Last Of Us 2’ Updates: Joel Is Dead, Ellie To Take Revenge

By Alka Vishnoi | 2 years ago
‘The Last Of Us 2’ Updates: Joel Is Dead, Ellie To Take Revenge
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The Last Of Us 2 plot revelations remains under wraps from a long time now. Therefore the fans have entered into their own world of imagination coming up with different theories over what really happens in the game.

The most prominent theory says that Joel is dead. And now Ellie gears up to take revenge for his death. The players who have already played the first part of the video game stress on the fact that Joel will not be accompanying Ellie in the next mission. He asks Ellie that she is sure on going ahead with the quest for revenge. This does bring up shades of doubt in recently declared Most Anticipated Game of the Year, The Last Of Us 2.

Trailer of The Last Of Us 2

The trailer of The Last Of Us 2 shows that Ellie gets mad over a group of individuals. She is howling at them and tells them that she will soon kill each one of them. Her anger comes from the fact she has lost Joel and now she seeks revenge for his death.

Does Joel Commit Suicide?

Another popular fan theory brings forth that Joel is not murdered. But he has actually killed himself. The gun seen in the trailer is actually the one he has used to kill himself. And this is the reason why he has been haunting Ellie in her thoughts. She has always seen him holding a gun in his hands in her deeper thoughts. Since the scene of Joel death is not shown, it can be deciphered that he killed himself somewhere between the transition from the original game to The Last Of Us 2.

The Last Of Us 2

However, the most practical and probable question that comes up is what the reasons could be due to which Joel killed himself. And another question which needs an immediate answer is what makes Ellie furious at the group of individuals.

The scene which happens before Joel’s death is he and Ellie are looking at two people who actually kill themselves. At this moment when Ellie comments that they chose the easy way, Joel is quick to respond that the killing oneself is not that easy as it appears, reports International Business Times.

Why did Joel make the choice of killing himself? An answer to the question can be found only after The Last Of Us 2 hits the market. Naughty Dog recently revealed that this would happen soon, whereas creative director Neil Druckmann stated that more interesting videos over Joel and Ellie are likely to be released in the coming months.

Do take a look at The Last Of Us 2 trailer right here.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Naughty Dog

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