The Last Of Us 2 Will Focus On Hate Concept, Ellie To Feel Bad About Joel

By Alka Vishnoi | 2 years ago
The Last Of Us 2 Will Focus On Hate Concept, Ellie To Feel Bad About Joel
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The Last Of Us 2 comes up with a new theme of hate. The first part of the game focused on love and affection but the second part will be different. The director and writer of the game, Neil Druckmann says that he and the Naughty Dog (Developer’s name) crew have misled the fans a number of times before. Last time the trailer of The Last Of Us had the opposite direction. Eventually what was actually there in the game is totally new. Now again they are following the same lead in order to make the game more interesting for players.

Neil Druckmann Reveals Details Over The Last Of Us 2

The ending of video game in The Last Of Us shows that there is a happy ending between Ellie and Joel. But fans are surprised with Part 2 of the game shifting to hatred and violence. Here, Ellie will have a change of feelings for Joel and she feels bad about him. When she discovers that Joel has lied to her, the trust that she has on him will now get shattered. She feels cheated as she gets to know that Joel did not tell her the facts about their allies.

Apart from this, Neil Druckmann has now led the fans to speculate that The Last Of Us will eventually have a tragic ending. After Ellie turning against Joel, things will take a different route from Part 1. However, the video game’s team is now very cautious over not providing further hints to its fans. They want people to wait till next year.  The game release will tell them about what it has in store for them.

The Last of Us 2

The Last Of Us 2 To Different From The First One

Making a game like The Last Of Us is not easy as it seems, reports The Christian Post. At the DICE Summit 2017, Neil Druckmann opens up about the creative process he follows for making each video game. He tells that the first stage comprises of his getting to speak about the story confidently. Once it is done he puts the main facts on index cards. Next comes the turn of working along with the art team and design team. The visuals and animations are made. In the last the whole team is asked to come to the studio for the final talks over the entire experience about the game.

Neil Druckmann tells fans of The Last Of Us 2 that since the process of making a game is quite lengthy he wants to put in the best. Therefore it will take some time before the video game finally gets launched.

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