‘The Last Of Us 2’ Will Have A Late 2016 Release? Possible Storyline Revealed!

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘The Last Of Us 2’ Will Have A Late 2016 Release? Possible Storyline Revealed!
The Last Of Us 2

After the success of the “The Last Of Us” game on PS4 and PS3, the fans around the world are really excited about the release date of “The Last Of Us 2.” News regarding the ultimate end of the game had been aired by the voice actors as they confirm and deny reports on “The Last Of Us 2.”

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According to reports released by kpopstarz.com, Nolan North, who is a voice actor in the game, has said that the game is still being worked on. During a recent interview, Nolan said that he knows the makers of the game are working on the release of the game at the earliest.

Community strategist Eric Monacelli has also spoken about the announcement time of the game. All this hype about when the game will hit the market and will be up for play, is increasing the interest among the players. Some hints were also given by Eric Baldwin and Josh Scherr- the lead animator and the writer for the game, respectively.

Eric has led all the animation, facial expressions, in the series and while speaking about the game, he once hinted at the release of the movie. He said, “And [on] the first ‘The Last of Us.’ Uh, did I say the first The Last of Us?”

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In a report released by vcpost.com, the potential storyline has already been revealed, and it is speculated that by the end of the game, Joel, who is the main character, will be killed while Ellie will go on some kind of adventure and she will be all alone. Meanwhile, according to reports, most of the fans don’t want to see Joel again in case the new game has the same characters.

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