Late Robert Kardashian allegedly leaves diary of Kris Jenner’s Behavior

By admin | 6 years ago

Kris Jenner, the widow of Robert Kardashian, shot down allegations she abused her own children. The allegations are supposed to have come from her late ex-husband before his death in diary entries his widow claims to have.

An entertainment magazine claims to have obtained the diary entries that were newly released from the deceased patriarch of the Kardashian family.

One entry, claimed to have been made on August 24, 1989, says that Kris was beating and kicking Kim saying she would kill Kim. Allegedly, the late Robert Kardashian wrote those words. The entry said that at the time Kim was hysterical. Kim is now the most famous of the three Kardashian daughters.

The magazine claims that Robert Kardashian detailed the alleged affair his ex-wife Kris had with Todd Waterman a soccer player. The diary entries allege that Kris was not a responsible mother to her four children.

The alleged diaries say that Kris Jenner did not leave a number where she could be reached if there was an emergency. He supposedly wrote that she did not care and that at times she stayed out all night.

Ellen Kardashian, the second wife of the famous lawyer who defended O.J. Simpson, claims the diary entries are authentic and her husband gave them to her prior to his death. However, Kris Jenner is denying the legitimacy of the entries.

The publicist for Jenner said they have no knowledge the diaries existed and the accusations that Jenner abused her children and was an irresponsible parent are both not true and ridiculous.

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