Latest “Incredibles” Theory: Edna Mode Played A Bigger Role Than Was Seen

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Latest “Incredibles” Theory: Edna Mode Played A Bigger Role Than Was Seen

Ever since it was announced that PIXAR’s first superhero family, the Parrs from “The Incredibles,” was going to get a sequel from director Brad Bird, the Internet, and social media sites have been abuzz with various rumors as to what the sequel’s plot will be, and as to whom the Parr family will be facing next. However, recently, an interesting theory, as most Disney fan theories go, that has been going around, paints a new picture of the superhero costume designer, Edna Mode, as it has been speculated that she may have had more to do with the demise of the Parr family’s very first supervillain- Syndrome. Read on to learn more about this new theory regarding “The Incredibles” Edna Mode.

Every die hard Disney fan knows that their favorite films, specifically the studio’s animated films, whether it be in cartoon format or computer animated, are chock full of interesting Easter Eggs here and there. It give rise to interesting fan theories that connect several or a lot of films in the “Disney universe” together. Such theories include how “Tangled,” “Frozen” and “The Little Mermaid” are connected to each other. Another popular theory goes on to explain how Boo from Disney’s “Monster’s Inc.” is in reality the witch in “Brave”, which explains why the witch that Merida visited had a picture of “Monster’s Inc.’s” Sully in the background.

Recently, according to Movie Pilot, with “The Incredibles” sequel now in development, and with theories abounding everywhere regarding it. Another very interesting theory has surfaced, that shows that Edna Mode, the petite superhero costume designer who gave all of the Parrs their respective costumes, was truly the mastermind behind the family’s victory.  The outlet also gives the reason why the fashion designer always insisted on having no capes for her costumes.

According to the theory, it is assumed that the reason why Mode currently doesn’t put capes in her designs is because she had caused another superheroine, named Stratogale, who was mentioned in the first film, to die. It was due to the fact that her cape had gotten stuck in one of the turbines of an airplane, which later on crashed, killing innocents.

Because of this, the theory goes on to state that those without superpowers, from then on, began to dislike their superpowered friends. It was why in the events of the first “Incredibles” film, the general public resented superheroes, and they were forced to go into hiding.

Mode then felt guilty, as she felt that her giving Stratogale a cape caused events that she never thought would happen.

It goes on to say that a young Syndrome, then going by the name of Buddy, reached out to her as he was Mr. Incredibles biggest fan. However, she recognized the villain inside of him. Thus, she prepared herself to keep the remaining superheroes safe by creating costumes that would withstand Syndrome’s attacks, and gave Syndrom a weakness that the Incredibles would have never thought of, in designing Syndrom a costume with a cape.

What do you think of this new theory? Did Edna Mode really cause Syndrome’s demise? Let us know what your theories, and what your favorite fan theories regarding the “Incredibles” sequel in the comments below!

And that was the latest theory in the haystack of theories regarding Disney’s “The Incredibles” and its sequel. For more news and updates on upcoming movies and television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

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