Laura Linney To Play Tom Hanks’ Wife In ‘Sully’

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
Laura Linney To Play Tom Hanks’ Wife In ‘Sully’

Laura Linney is set to join the cast of “Sully” alongside Tom Hanks.

According to EW, The actress has been roped in to play the wife of Hank in the biopic based on Capt. Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger III’s heroic efforts to safely land a damaged jetliner on the troubled waters of the Hudson River in 2009. Linney will play Lorrie Sullenberger who was proud of her husband’s endeavors.

Sully is celebrated as a legend for his efforts in 2009 which were extremely brave and heroic. Capt. Sully, who was formerly an Air Force fighter pilot had to deal with the fate of many lives of people who had boarded the US Airways Airbus A320 six years ago. The Airbus’ engines were tattered by a flock of birds, which forced him to pull of an emergency water landing. 155 people who were on board were speaking their prayers and Sully successfully landed them home, without any casualties or any injuries. The feat is often cited as a miracle on the Hudson and established Sully as a national hero.

“Sully” will be the third film collaboration between Linney and Eastwood following the mystic thriller “Mystic River” and the political thriller “Absolute Power.” Linney has been cast a week after Aaron Eckhart was hired to play Jeff Skiles who was the first officer and co-pilot to Sully on the plane and had a contribution in the heroics as well.

Eastwood has enjoyed directorial success in recent years and this film comes after his last biopic “American Sniper,” which enjoyed critical and commercial success. Like “Sully,” “American Sniper” was also based on the life of national hero, Chris Kyle (role assessed by Bradley Cooper), whose sharp shooting helped the US Army a lot.

“Sully’”s script is written by Todd Komarnicki and with all the big names associated with an excellent feat, the film will surely be a success.

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