Beauty is the New Trend: Laverne Cox Pose Nude for Allure

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago

Laverne Cox, prominently known for her portrayal as Sophia Burset in American comedy-drama series, “Orange is the New Black,” has posed nude for Allure Magazine. Cox, who was named one of the Time’s most 100 influential people was reluctant at first and she denied the offer twice but when she gave a thought about the message she will be sending to the LGBT community, she gave the green light to the Allure Magazine for the nude photo shoot.

At this new era where everything is out open, people still look at the transgender with pettiness and still they don’t have equal rights in many states. According to Laverne Cox, these photos of her will create a spark of hope in the minds of everyone and they may open up the opportunities for the LGBTs.

She is an epitome of a larger community and an action of embracing her own body without any shame, by a person of her credentials can inspire those who still stay in the dark.

This small step in coming out in open will surely help in building confidence among others. The Emmy Award nominee, Laverne Cox, who is currently producing her own show ‘Doubt’ admitted that the reason behind the startling images which were shot by Norman Jean Roy were her own insecurities. She even claimed that there were times in her past when she tried to hide herself, but now she felt that this was the time to take a step ahead for the sake of the community which she follows.

Cox said to the Magazine, “There’s beauty in the things we think are imperfect. That sounds very cliché, but it’s true.”

Laverne Cox is the first black transgender to become the face of Time Magazine is very excited by this decision of posing nude for such an acclaimed magazine and even her fan on twitter and on Instagram are appreciating her act of taking this step.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Laverne Cox (Allure/Norman Jean Roy)

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