Law & Order: SVU Recap: Chicago Crossover

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Law & Order: SVU Recap: Chicago Crossover
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Law & Order: SVU” Season 16 Episode 7 “Chicago Crossover” aired last Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) worked with the Manhattan Special Victims unit. It was after Erin discovered that her half -brother, Teddy Courtney (Lou Taylor Pucci), had been victimized as a young teenager by a pedophilic sex trafficking ring. They discovered that he had been a victim years ago after Lieutenant Kelley Severide (Taylor Kinney) of the Chicago Fire Department found a bunch of pictures, including Teddy’s in the basement of a fire victim that they had rescued. As Teddy had left for New York years ago, Erin decided to look for her half-brother and to assist Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) catch the ring. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) called up Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay). She was at the park with her son, Noah and Detective Nick Amaro (Danny Pino). He told her that their current case was very “personal” for Chicago Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush). One of the victims, Teddy Courtney (Lou Taylor Pucci), was her half-brother and asked her to keep an eye on Erin.

At the Special Victims Unit, they were informed of the basics of the case. Pictures of children were found in the home of a fire victim named Andrew Lewellen by the Chicago Fire Department. One of the children in the pictures was Teddy Courtney (Lou Taylor Pucci), Erin’s half-brother, who had run away from Chicago ten years ago. They then were instructed by Olivia to “check all databases” for Teddy Courtney, to run his picture through an aging software, and Erin’s DNA was taken in order to verify things. Olivia was then informed that the particular pedophile ring in question had been running for around ten years and had “upgraded to live streaming” under the name the “Chess and Checkers Club”. She was then shown footage of a show being streamed at that moment, which showed that they were showcasing a new victim- a teenager named Henry. As they took a coffee break, Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) asked Erin how she was holding up. Erin told her that Teddy’s fate could have easily been her fate as well as she had grown up in a very complicated family. They were then interrupted by Detective Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola (Ice T) who told them that they were able to get a match for Teddy’s face, after they had aged his photograph a little, on a juvenile record under the name Ted Voight. He had been arrested for solicitation and had been placed under the care of the Westway Youth Center.

At the Westway Youth Center, Nick and Fin learned that Teddy had been to the youth center several times already, and had run away in both those instances. The director of the center then told them that he had been close with a girl named Jocelyn Cerpaski. Jay and Amanda approached Jocelyn, who was reluctant at first to speak to them. She had been living a brand new and better life since the time when was a prostitute at the age of fourteen. However, later on, she told them that Teddy was still “working the piers”. Back at the precinct, Erin confided in Olivia and told her that she blamed herself for not looking for him sooner. At the piers, Chicago Police Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Amanda searched one end while Fin and Nick searched the other half. After a while, Jay and Amanda were finally able to find him, and brought him to the precinct.

He was greeted by Erin, who told him that she only wanted to help him. However, he then asked where she or their mother was when he was thirteen years old. Erin tried to comfort him by saying that their mother did not take care of him either, but he reminded her that Hank Voight had taken her in, instead of him. As he did not seem to want to talk, they held him in the holding cell for solicitation and possession of drugs. Olivia then gave him a blanket and told him that it wasn’t too late to change. Jocelyn had changed for the better after what had happened to her. He then refused to say another word about the ring or Jocelyn. Meanwhile, when they discovered screenshots of Jocelyn chained to a bed, Olivia identified the man in front of her as Teddy. Erin then tried to get him to help them out, as they could charge him for rape, which would cost him twenty years in jail. He then told them that it had been his idea to be with Jocelyn in the video, as he knew that they would have sent someone worse if he was not the one. He had done this because she was his friend. He told them that he did not know much about the ring, but he knew that there was one man whom everyone was scared of. He also told them that at the youth center, which he hated, George, the center’s security guard, had told him that he knew of a way that Teddy could earn money, and get out of the center. At the center, they learned that recently, George had been talking to Henry and that George had told them that Henry had run away from the center. While they chased George, Erin bumped into a man on a bicycle, which gave her a concussion, and caused her to faint. Meanwhile, Olivia succeeded in catching George.

The first thing Erin saw when she woke up was her boss, Voight, who told her that she would be going back to Chicago. He told her that she had a concussion and informed her that he would be staying to help out with the case. After he was brought up to speed, Olivia then reported the gray SUV that had picked up Henry. Afterward, as he thought that Amanda and Fin were going easy on George, he manhandled and threatened George, the way he did it in Chicago. However, Olivia pulled aside and called him out, as he did not have any jurisdiction over what went on there, as he was in New York and not in Chicago. George then told them he would be called up for the drop, then a gray SUV would show up at the center. He had done this as he had thought that they needed child actors, as that was what they had told him, and because they paid him $1,000. He also told them that his contact had gotten mad at him and had taken $22.50 off of him, as he had to pay a double toll to get home.

They then realized that they needed Jocelyn’s help. In order to do so, Voight and Olivia went undercover as Henry’s parents in order to get Jocelyn to the precinct. There, she was shocked to find Teddy with Amanda and Fin. At first, she denied that she did not know Teddy. Then she became angry with him and asked him as to why he had done that to her. However, he told her that it was better that it was him and not someone else. Jocelyn then revealed that she was in that room after Teddy had left. She remembered being driven along a metal bridge. The two also recognized the voice in the video and recognized him as Bob Clinton from Staten Island. However, he was not the head of the ring. Thanks to this, they were able to free Henry and captured Bob Clinton and the technical support team. However, they were interrupted by Amanda, who had just discovered that a little girl would be showcased next- they had not cut off “the head of the snake yet”. They then threw him in The Tombs for a while, as Olivia would not permit him to cut a deal with the District Attorney, as he wanted.

However, the next morning, they discovered that he had just been stabbed by a fellow prisoner in the shower. This prisoner, they learned, had gotten a phone call from a burner phone that was sold in Chicago. This meant that the head of the pedophile ring was in Chicago. Just as Voight started to prepare to leave to go back home, he received a phone call from Erin, who told him that Andrew Lewellen and the officer that had been guarding him had just been shot to death.

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