Law & Order: SVU Recap: Forgiving Rollins

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Law & Order: SVU Recap: Forgiving Rollins
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“Law & Order: SVU” Season 16 Episode 10 “Forgiving Rollins” aired last Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, New York Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) was forced to face her past, and the reason why she left Atlanta after Atlanta Deputy Chief Charles Patton (Harry Hamlin) was put on trial after one of his detectives, Detective Reese Taymore (Dreama Walker) accused him of raping her. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the Winter Conference, Deputy Chief Charles Patton (Harry Hamlin) gave a presentation, in which he promoted cooperation and shared information between the police departments of different stated and cited the “Pattern Seventeen” case, which he took full credit for, even if he and the Atlanta Police Department initially did not cooperate.

Afterwards, he went over to Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola (Ice T) and Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish). He then greeted Amanda and told them that it had broken his heart to let this one go. He then introduced Detective Reese Taymor (Dreama Walker) to them, before they left to make the rounds. During the entire time he was talking to them, Amanda looked highly uncomfortable to be around the Deputy Chief. Detective Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) then came up and invited them to go out with them, and the Atlanta boys for some drinks, but they all declined. However, instead of walking her dog as she said that she would, Amanda decided to drink at a certain bar.

The next morning, Nick wondered why Amanda did not want to go with her former colleagues. Amanda then came in a little bit late and was relieved to hear that Olivia had not been in yet, as she did not like it at all when Amanda came in late. However, Fin received a call and informed them that they had just caught a hotel rape case, and that the victim was Detective Reese Taymor.

At Bellevue Hospital, Amanda and Olivia were informed by the doctor that Reese had been found unconscious on the bathroom floor, had a head injury, high alcohol levels and had disclosed that she had been raped. They then ran a rape kit on her and found bite marks and some bruising. Inside the hospital room, Taymor insisted that she had hit her head on the sink and started to recant that she had been assaulted. Amanda, who looked uncomfortable during the entire interview, then pretended that Fin had called her up on her phone and walked out of the hospital room, visibly shaken and upset. After Amanda had left, Taymor told Olivia that she had been raped, but that she would not testify or press charges as she knew that nothing would come of it since the one who had raped her was Deputy Chief Patton.

Back at the precinct, Special Victims Unit Chief Dodds (Peter Gallagher) was informed by Olivia and Fin that based on the security camera feeds in the hotel and on eyewitness accounts, they had discovered that Patton was staying at an adjoining suite to Taymor’s and that he had entered her room at 1:00 a.m. and had ordered room service 10 minutes later. He was then seen leaving her hotel room at 6:00 a.m., and Taymor had been found unconscious on the bathroom floor at 8:00 a.m. Olivia then told Dodds that Taymor was in a very difficult position as well, as it was always tough to say no to your boss.

Outside, Nick tried to ask Amanda about Patton, but she refused to answer his questions. She was then summoned into Olivia’s office where she was asked about Patton. She revealed that she had worked under him for six years but had heard nothing about Taymor and Patton. Olivia then wondered out loud about the fact that Taymor hadn’t disclosed until Amanda had left, and after being asked if Patton was capable of rape, she just replied that one could never tell what one was capable of. Afterwards, Dodds decided to handle Patton’s interview himself.

During the interview, Patton admitted to having an affair with Taymor and told Dodds that this was payback as he had told Taymor that he refused to leave his wife. He then became suspicious and told Dodds that he believed that “Amanda Rollins put you, and her up to this” as she had an axe to grind. He then mentioned that Amanda had gotten around the department and that she had thrown herself at him in order to save her sister. He then left and warned Dodds that the next time that they spoke, his lawyer would be there. On the other side of the glass, Olivia, Nick and Fin did not believe a word that Patton had said, but Amanda just told them that back in Atlanta, everyone believed him. She then left the precinct and told Fin to leave her alone.

As he was worried about his partner, he tracked her down to a bar, where he confronted her about what had happened between her and Patton years ago. She then told him that she was his protégé and never realized that she was his type. Then after he sister had gotten arrested on various charges, he had called her into his office and told her that they would be able to make everything go away if she slept with him. Amanda then refused to testify or to tell Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba (Raul Esparza), as she did not classify what he had done to her as rape as he had not forced her at gun point. However, she did know that Taymor was not lying.

The next day, in front of Barba, she told them what had happened to her and said that she had placed herself in a bad position, which was taken advantage of. She then followed it up by telling them that she believed Taymor’s story. Olivia then volunteered to talk to Taymor again to convince her to testify, but Amanda decided to go instead.

At Taymor’s hotel room, Amanda convinced her to take the stand and informed her that everything that the other police officers in Atlanta had said about her was not true.

Thanks to this, Nick, Dodds and Fin arrested Patton, who told Captain Sam Reynolds (Myk Watford) to contact Attorney Buchanan (Delaney Williams). Later that night, while Amanda was walking her dog, Sam tracked her down and told her to stop looking for payback. It turned out that Sam was jealous as she had turned him down a long time ago, and he felt slighted, as he believed that she had been sleeping all the time with Patton. Upset, Amanda hit him in the groin and left with her dog.

The next morning, Barba caught up with Amanda while she was jogging and tried to convince her to testify for the prosecution. However, Amanda refused and jogged away.

Later that day, Dodds, Barba, Patton and Buchanan met at a restaurant in order to discuss terms. However, Barba refused to dismiss the charge and told them that the lowest he could go in terms of charges was sexual abuse 3 and wanted him to be placed on the registry. However, as Buchanan and Patton did not get what they want, they proceeded to the trial at Supreme Court, where Olivia testified with regards to the statement that Taymor had given to her.

Outside the courtroom, Fin and Nick were surprised to see that Amanda had come. She was then approached by Vivian Patton, who greeted her and told her that her husband had a world of support back in Atlanta.

Back inside the court, Taymor, who had been called to the stand told them that she had not been in an affair with Patton. She then recounted the details of the night of the rape. She told them that he had told her that his keycard did not work and had asked if he could enter through her room since the rooms were adjoining. He then ordered room service, and to her surprise, instead of food, he ordered champagne, which she did not object to because she wanted to be polite. After she had drank one glass, he had pulled her and had kissed her. After suggesting that they call it a night, he had told her that he did not take no for an answer. Then he slapped her, pinned her wrists above her head and raped her. Afterwards, he told her to clean up for the next day. Because she was embarrassed, she drank the entire bottle of champagne and passed out on the bathroom floor. She then told them that she had been scared to testify because of the consequences that it would have on her career but had decided against it. During the entire testimony, Amanda, who was seated in the audience, looked visibly shaken and upset.

Buchanan then rattle Taymor and tried to make her look like she wasn’t telling the truth, as she had not called out for help, had frozen and did not fight back, and had tried to recant her statement.

Afterwards, Amanda tried to console her inside the bathroom and told her that she knew that this wasn’t easy. Taymor then just told her that Amanda had convinced her to testify, but could not understand why she, Amanda, could not bring herself to go on the stand.

Amanda then decided to testify, and Barba helped prepare her for her testimony. She then recounted that after her sister had been arrested, he had called her into his office. There, he told her that if she slept with him, her sister would not be prosecuted. She then went on to say that she had agreed at first. However, at the motel, he had been drunk, and when she asked him to slow down, he became rough with her. She had been bitten, slapped, and her head was banged against the headboard. He then did the exact same thing and said the same thing that he had told Taymor, and reminded her that no one would believe her if she said anything. Finally, she admitted that he had, in fact, raped her.

However, the next day, the judge did not allow Amanda to testify as her testimony was too prejudicial. Patton then testified and after apologizing to his wife and the department, claimed that he and Taymor had a consensual affair, and this was payback as he said that he did not want to leave his wife. He then told Barba that he did not invite his wife to the conference because it was a business trip, and then had a heart attack, which was just, in reality, an anxiety attack after Barba gave him more questions.

Amanda then was summoned to Olivia’s office, who told her to see her therapist so that she could get over what had happened to her in the past, and she could stop blaming herself for what had happened. Amanda did go to Olivia’s therapist but then decided that it was a waste of time and walked out crying.

The next day, at Barba’s office, Buchanan told him that they were ready to accept the Sexual Abuse 3 charge and agreed that Patton would be placed on the registry and would resign from his office and would never seek employment in any law enforcement agency.

At court, Patton plead guilty to the charge and, after looking at Amanda, told the judge that he did not have anything else to say.

Afterwards, Nick and Fin reassured Amanda that at least, he would get placed on the registry. She then confirmed that she might just take some time off from work in the meantime and decided to stay and get some fresh air outside the courthouse while Nick and Fin went off.

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