Law & Order SVU Recap: Girls Disappeared

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Law & Order SVU Recap: Girls Disappeared
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“Law & Order: SVU” Season 16 Episode 1 “Girls Disappeared” aired on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) was able to get closure regarding the murder of Ellie Porter, the mother of baby Noah, who is now in Olivia’s care. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with ex-detective Nick Amaro (Danny Pino), who was currently working the beat around Queens. He and his partner arrested a man who had a car parked on the curb, and a latina “working” girl, who was only 16 years old. Detetective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Detective Fin Tutuola (Ice-T) came to pick up the girl, Luna Garcia, as she was a “material witness” in the rape and murder of Ellie Porter. While they were transporting Luna, a man, Diego Ramirez, came and shot at them. However, Fin was able to stop and arrest him and brought him the hospital for his injuries.

At home, Sergeant Olivia Benson promised Baby Noah that she and her many friends would find justice for his late mother, Ellie Porter. It had been four months since the murder of Ellie, but Olivia had not yet found who had ordered her death. They had suspected that it was a local pimp, Little Tino, who was currently in jail, but it turned out that he was only the fall guy. However, the appearance of Luna might just be the breakthrough that Olivia needed.

At the station, she was greeted by a new member of their team, Dominic “Sonny” Carisi (Peter Scanavino). The two talk to Luna who refused to say a single word. However, Carisi scared her and promised her T-status so that she could become a citizen of the United States. Carisi then was able to get the address of the house where she stayed. Amanda then told Olivia that Diego Ramirez’s prints matched those on the gas can at the scene where Ellie was killed. They decided to send an undercover to the house, and Carisi obligingly volunteered. However, Olivia decided to send someone whom many know has a grudge against the New York Police Department, ex-detective Nick Amaro, as their undercover.

He then tried to arrest a man loitering in a car in front of the address where Luna said she stayed in. Nick then tried to cut a deal with Joaquin Menendez and, as a freebie, told him that the house was going to be raided that night.

The raid did happen, and Amanda and Fin were able to round up many girls. Carisi cornered Joaquin, who tried to escape, but Fin took over. Joaquin then told Fin that he was a friend of Nick’s so that Fin could let him go, which he did.

At the station, Amanda and Olivia tried to get the girls to talk. However, most of them refused to do so, with the exception of one girl, Missy, when she was shown a picture of her baby. Most of the pimps usually held the girls’ babies in captivity so that they would cooperate.

The team also discovered that the Craigslist numbers that are called to “order” the girls are the same and that they all use one car service, Quickride.

Carisi and Olivia paid a visit to Quickride and talked to the owner, Angel Perez. They found out that some of the suspicious accounts, especially that of Tino Aguilar’s was paid via deposit from a shell corporation so that it would not be traced.

Olivia and Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba (Raul Esparza) paid a visit to Little Tino at prison and asked once again who had Ellie killed. Olivia said that they could try to work out a deal, which was why Barba was there. However, he only taunted Olivia by telling her that she got a baby out of the entire thing and told her that one of their own was working against them.

Meanwhile, Nick met Joaquin in a small pizza joint, where Joaquin paid him some money. There, Nick told Joaquin that the District Attorney had been visiting Tino and that it was a matter of time before Tino talks. iIf he did, Joaquin should not be “the last one in.”

However, just when things were coming up roses, everything fell apart. Missy was shot along with another man, Tino was stabbed several times in prison, and the shooter, Diego Ramirez, was killed at the hospital. Olivia then decided to check on Noah and the babysitter Lucy, who told her that they were at the playground. At that instant, shots were heard. Olivia rushed to the scene and discovered that luckily, Noah and Lucy were safe. She was also informed that Little Tino had survived the attack and was currently recuperating. They also learned that Quickride was totalled.

They then decided to pick up Luna and told Nick to meet up with Joaquin. The plan was to arrest Joaquin, but to make it look real, they had to arrest Nick as well, which they did.

At interrogation, Joaquin refused to talk, which led Olivia to threaten him. However, they were interrupted by Amanda who informed her that Tino was conscious.

They went to visit Tino but was stopped by Tino’s mother, whose house they had raided before. She relented after a while and told them that she did not know who Tino worked for, but she knew who was at the bottom, a girl named Selena, who was in charge of the girls.

They sent Carisi undercover and called for a girl. He then scared her enough for her to call Selena, who came in with a bodyguard. However, they were interrupted by Fin and Amanda who came in just in time.

At interrogation, Selena refused to talk. However, when her lawyer came in, she became terrified and clammed up, obeying whatever the lawyer said.

Meanwhile, Luna revealed that everyone knew who Selena was at their village. She was taken when she was younger and was also a prostitute before she became the caretaker of the new girls. Luna also revealed that they were all brought to a place called Tenancingo in Mexico. It was then revealed that in that area, there were three big mansions, and one of them belonged to the mother of someone called Teodoro Juarez who was presumed to be in New York. Juarez’s picture was shown to the team, and it was revealed that Juarez was none other than Angel. As there was a task force set up near that particular mansion, Olivia was able to get pictures of who lived inside the mansion — the children of the girls that were being pimped in the U.S. Because of this, they were able to get a picture of Miguel, Selena’s son that’s why they got her to give a statement against Angel.

Tino, who was recovering, also wrote a statement against Angel.

The team then went to arrest Angel, who was trying to run away from them. They had him cornered, but instead of surrendering, he threatened Baby Noah and pulled out a gun, which prompted Fin to shoot him.

Now that Angel was gone, Olivia finally found closure for Ellie, and she and Noah could now live in peace.

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