Law & Order: SVU Recap: Glasgowman’s Wrath

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Law & Order: SVU Recap: Glasgowman’s Wrath
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“Law & Order: SVU” Season 16 Episode 6 “Glasgowman’s Wrath” aired last Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, the Special Victims Unit investigated a case about two missing girls. The younger sister of one the missing girls was stabbed multiple times. However, in the course of their investigation, they learned that the two missing girls, who were subsequently found, may know more than they previously let on. Read on to learn more about this episode. 

The episode began with two friends named Mia and Perry, who filmed a little girl’s, Zoe’s, reaction, when they scared her and tipped her bed over. The video camera was then taken by Mia, who filmed them going into Inwood Hill Park at midnight. According to Perry, their mission was to find the Glasgowman. When they found him, they would begin their “journey” the next day. After a while, they told Zoe to run as the Glasgowman had seen them and was chasing after them. The footage then became vague, and the girls kept on asking for help as he got Zoe.

The next morning, Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) went to the hospital with Zoe Harris (Oona Laurence), who had been stabbed multiple times. Detective Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, Jr. (Peter Scanavino) talked to the birdwatcher who had found Zoe. According to her, a huge hulking man came out of the woods with the girl. She had shooed him away, and he ran back into the woods. However, she was able to provide them with photographs of the man.

At the hospital, the doctor told Detective Nick Amaro (Danny Pino), and Amanda that Zoe was lucky to be alive. One of the stab wounds had narrowly missed a vital artery and that there were no visible signs of rape. As she had lost a lot of blood, she would inform them when they could talk to her. As they walked away, Zoe’s mothers arrived and looked for Zoe’s big sister, Mia Harris (Mina Sundwell). They told the detectives that the two girls had a sleepover at Perry Gilbert’s (Chloe Csengery) house. Perry was Mia’s best friend. The mothers told them that according to their tracker application, Zoe’s and Mia’s cell phones were at Perry’s house.  

Amanda and Nick hesitated to call in their boss Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) in. It was a Sunday and the, only day she really got to spend time with her son Noah. However, due to the serious nature of the case, they decided to fill her in.

At Perry’s apartment, they found Perry’s mother, Barbara Gilbert, and her State Police boyfriend. The apartment had no signs of forced entry. They found all of the girls’ phones inside the cage of Perry’s hamster. As Olivia was already at the hospital, Nick suggested that Amanda should go there while he and Carisi helped out with the search for Perry and Mia in the park. However, Amanda told Nick that she could handle herself and told him to be the one to meet with Olivia. He would best know how to handle the situation as Olivia would be mad at them for not calling her right away.

At the hospital, they learned that Perry and Mia had used their mom’s phones to text their mothers about the planned sleep over. Zoe then told them that she had gone with Perry and Mia as she could not be left alone at Perry’s room. She told them that they had gone to the park so that they could see something scary. It had been the night after Halloween, which was why Perry had brought along a video camera with them. She then told them that she had been caught by the Glasgowman and that he had pushed him down.

Based on the description given by Zoe and by the photographs given by the birdwatcher, Carisi and Amanda led the search team for the two girls and the Glasgowman, who was more than six feet tall and had a scar which ran from ear to ear.

In the woods, they were able to find Zoe’s backpack. They were alerted by the cadets, who had seen a man run into a cave. Carisi was able to persuade him to come out of the cave, where one of the police officers tasered him. However, Carisi told him to stop and calmed the man down.

They then learned that his name was Charlie Dorsey (Bill Harris) and had been committed to an asylum before. Later on, he spend three years in jail for stabbing a man in the kidney, violated his parole, and had been living “off the grid” for two years. Zoe identified him as the Glasgowman, but she told them that she did not know if he was the one who stabbed her. However, they found no physical evidence linking him to the crimes.

Olivia and Carisi went inside to talk to him. he had learned to trust Carisi when he had been captured. He told them that he was a loyal American. They were trying to erase his memory of him seeing a plane being gunned down by a missile by putting him on medication and with lasers on cell phones. After showing him the picture of him carrying Zoe, he told them that as the “last Good Samaritan” in the world, he had found and saved Zoe, but he did not know anything about the other two girls. Charlie then guided Carisi and Amanda to his encampment in the woods to show them “the device” that he claimed that they had planted on them and constantly asked Carisi to switch his eye patch so that he could see in the dark and, later on, to see in the daylight. However, Amanda also found three bloody knives in one of his plastic bags.

The footage showed the girls getting ready to leave for their “mission,” in which Perry told them that they would go to his mansion.

Zoe then told them that she could not tell the grownups about the mansion, as the Glasgowman would come and kill Perry and Mia. She then told them that they had been going to the “gateway” and that Leslie, Perry’s male babysitter, was the one who told them scary stories and about Glasgowman. At Leslie Connolly’s apartment, they discovered that he was creating several graphic novels about the Glasgowman and the three girls, as Perry was fond of scary stories. He had based the story, the map and the places, such as the mansion, on Charlie and his crazy stories, but he did not hurt any of them.

Based on the map on the wall, they found a dead cat, a knife, and the two girls. Mia had been tied up, and Perry had been stabbed on the side. At the hospital, Mia told them that Zoe had tripped and fell and that the Glasgowman had stabbed Zoe and covered her with leaves. According to Perry, the Glasgowman had gone “ballistic” when Mia said that she wanted to go home and forced them into his “gatehouse.” He then tied Mia up, stabbed Perry and killed the cat before running off because he had heard helicopters above. She then told them that this had happened last Sunday. However, everything did not add up as the girls’ timelines did not match. Because Charlie, whom Perry had identified as Glasgowman, had been in their custody since Sunday afternoon. Moreover, the doctor informed Amanda that Perry had no defensive wounds, that the stab wounds were only found on one side of her body, and the wounds looked fresh.  Amanda also informed the team that she had discovered that the two girls seemed to be in their own world together based on their text messages.

 After talking to Zoe some more, they learned that she had been hurt by Perry and Mia before, specifically by Perry, whenever she interrupted what Mia and Perry were doing together.

They soon learned that the prints on the knife that had stabbed Perry belonged to Perry and that the prints found on the knife used to stab Zoe belonged to both Mia and Perry. Olivia decided to interrogate the girls and told Carisi to inform Charlie that he was, as he said, innocent. However, Charlie could not be freed as he had violated his parole. But Carisi reassured him that he would not go back to prison if he promised to follow a program and to take some medication.

As the two girls were not considered adults and because Zoe had lived, Olivia decided that the two might have to stand trial at Family Court. In interrogation, Mia claimed that everything had been Perry’s idea and that she was the one who had stabbed Zoe. Afterward, Perry had thrown away the knife and camera and forced her to go to the gatehouse. However, Perry told them that it had all been Glasgowman’s fault as she had to prove her loyalty to him by killing Zoe. However, she told them that the plan had changed and that she was ordered to kill Mia instead. So, she had killed the cat as it had the Glasgowman’s eyes. She then had stabbed herself as she could not bring herself to stab Mia as she was her friend.  Because of what she was saying, one of the counselors believed that she was not “competent” to stand trial. As for the team, they believed that it was possible that Mia was simply under Perry’s spell. Before trial, the counselor ordered a psychological evaluation to be done.

At Family Court, Perry told them that the Glasgowman got angry at her. She had stabbed herself in order to let her boiling blood cool off. She also told them that the police were the ones who were wrong as they had invaded the Glasgowman’s realm. Because of that, they would all be killed by his “partners from the other realms.”

The judge then deemed that Mia was not responsible for anything and was merely a victim in the case. However, the judge ordered that both Mia and Zoe should see a psychiatrist. She then ruled that Perry was a juvenile delinquent. Instead of serving time, she would be sent to a hospital in order to get the treatment and help that she needs, until she was deemed not to be “a danger to herself and others.”

Afterward, Amanda could not believe that Mia was “going to walk” and that Perry was just going to get “soft time.” They were then joined in the elevator by Mia, Perry and their her mothers. However, while they were inside the elevator, only Carisi noticed that the two girls linked their pinky fingers with each other briefly, which greatly disturbed him.

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