Law & Order: SVU Recap: Pornstar’s Requiem

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Law & Order: SVU Recap: Pornstar’s Requiem
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“Law & Order: SVU” Season 16 Episode 5 “Pornstar’s Requiem” aired last Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, the SVU team worked on the case of a college freshman student who was raped. However, things became a little bit more complicated when they learned that she had been working in the adult video industry. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Evie Barnes (Hannah Marks), who was having her 18th birthday that day, was being filmed on a camera. She told the man filming her that she was about to start college and that she was there as she needed money. He then told her that he would pay her $ 3,000 and proceeded to ask her to remove her shirt and pants for the camera.

The scene cut to a boy’s college dorm room where a boy watched Evie’s video and showed it to his roommate. They then decided to invite Evie to a college party and lured her to their bathroom, where they proceeded to rape her.

The next morning, Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Detective Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola (Ice-T) received a call from Evie’s dorm Resident Assistant who had called them up as he had found Evie curled up on a couch, crying. She had told him that two boys in their dorm had raped her.

Amanda talked to Evie in her room, while Fin and Detective Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr. (Peter Scanavino) talked to the boys who had assaulted her. Evie told them that she had been invited to a party by Daniel Pryor (Max Ehrich), one of the cool guys on campus. When she got there, he and his friend Matt Cooper (Casey Thomas Brown) lured her to the bathroom where she was raped. She did not want to press charges as she was afraid that her past might be brought up — she had answered a modelling advertisement earlier that spring so that she could earn some money for tuition, as her father was sick, but it turned out to be an adult video tape. However, Amanda reassured her that it had no bearing on the incident that had just occurred. Afterwards, they brought her to the hospital where she was examined and treated.

Meanwhile, Carisi and Fin interviewed Matt and Daniel, who told them that Evie was the one who had gone wild inside the bathroom and that it was consensual, as they had just done what she had did in her video.

Back at the precinct, the Special Victims Unit team and Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba (Raul Esparza) viewed the video that inspired the boys to rape Evie. Amanda then informed them that the hospital examination corroborated Evie’s story and that she had told the boys to stop, which they didn’t. As they learned that Daniel had on his cellp hone to record the entire thing, Fin and Carisi went to get the phone. Barba confided to Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) that the case would be a little bit more complicated now due to the presence of the video she had made. However, they were interrupted by Mr. Buchanan (Delaney Williams), Daniel and Matt’s lawyer, who gave them a copy of the boys video and another flashdrive containing 12 other adult video films that Evie had done before, under the screen name Roxxxane de May.

Because of this, Deputy Chief Dodds (Peter Gallagher) warned Olivia to “pick her battles” well, as the president of Hudson University, the university Evie attended, complained that they were not informed about the incident.

At Hudson University, Amanda went to interview Evie again to make sure that she was informed of everything. Evie told her that she had done several videos before, but that everything was legal as she had been paid, and there were contracts that she had signed. She then complained that just because she had done adult videos before, it does not mean that they could just rape her like that.

Back at the precinct, as they got the statements of the boys, Carisi learned from Matt that the lawyer was being paid by Daniel. As Daniel had gone in first ahead of Matt, they warned him that usually, the first one in interrogation gets the better deal. This made Matt think and ended up firing Buchanan. He told them that everything had been Daniel’s idea and that Daniel had told him that Evie’s begging and crying was just an act. Afterwards, Daniel had told him to lie about what they had don, because if the authorities find out about it, they would both go down for rape.

Olivia, Barba and Evie then sat down with her parents and asked if they could come to the trial to support Evie. However, the father refused to come, and her mother said that she would think about it, as she had to drive her husband for his dialysis that day.

At the trial, during Barba’s questioning, Evie told the jury that everything she did in the videos was consensual and that the violence there was not real, as she had always followed a script. However, this time, with Matt and Daniel, it was different, as the “violence was real” and that she had told them to stop. However, they took turns on her. She also told them that people who “work in adult videos are still people and don’t need to be subjected by assault.” Afterwards, Buchanan cross examined her and continued to use a disrespectful tone towards her. He then tried to convince the jury that she had “cried rape” this time as she had not been paid by the boys, as she also said the words “stop” and “no” in the videos.

The next day, Matt took the stand and told the jury that it had been Daniel’s idea and that she had cried and ran out of the bathroom afterwards. It was only after everything that Daniel had told him that they had just raped Evie, and he apologized to Evie for what had happened. However, Buchanan confused Matt, as he tried to bring into light the fact that he had changed his tune when he was offered a plea deal. As the judge allowed Barba to redirect, Barba asked him if they did or did not rape Evie, to which Matt answered that they did rape Evie.

Afterwards, Daniel insisted to appear in court to represent all men who are falsely accused of rape. He then told the jury that it had all been Matt’s idea. Barba then cross examined Daniel, who told him that he did not stop when Evie said to stop, as he had trusted Matt and that he did not understand what he did wrong as he had done everything that Evie had done in the video. However, he did agree that even a “pornstar can decline sex.” Based on this, Barba told him that the encounter he had just described with Evie “was the definition of rape.”

After deliberating everything, the jury came out with a guilty verdict. However, Buchanan filed a motion to set aside the verdict, and the judge decided to “reserve judgment until sentencing.” Afterwards, Evie was served by Hudson University, who had just expelled her and told her that she had to move out of her dorm by the end of the week.

Because of this, Olivia paid President Roberts of Hudson University a visit and questioned their school policy as Daniel and Matt were not expelled, unlike Evie, which constituted victim blaming. Olivia also told her that she could probably find another way to fix the issue and left.

Back at court, Daniel apologized to Evie and the entire court for what he had done. Because the judge saw “genuine remorse” in Daniel and because he did not see qualities which were consistent with the charges brought against him, the judge decided to overturn the jury’s ruling and decided to let Daniel Pryor go free, much to the chagrin of Barba and the Special Victims Unit. Barba then told the judge that he had “just set back rape law fifteen years” and that the judge was abusing his power for this case. He also said that he would be filing an appeal, as his allowing Daniel to go free meant that men could attack a woman based on her sexual history.

Back at the precinct, Chief Dodds told Olivia off as he had gotten a complaint from Hudson University. He then told her to stick to her job as a cop.

After he left, Carisi came in and told Olivia that Evie’s mother was there. It turned out that Evie had left the dorm without her things and did not come back home. She then showed Olivia and Amanda the video that Evie had left on her laptop. On the video, Evie told the world that as she had chosen to work in the adult entertainment industry, two boys had raped her. As the judge did not believe her, “one of her rapists was set free.” As her choices were taken away, she only had one left and bid everyone goodbye.

Upon learning that Evie was at New Hampshire, Carisi and Amanda decided to pay her a visit so that they could bring her back home. However, Evie said that she was “fine” and that she was “doing what she did best.” At least that in the videos, when she asks them to stop, they stop. She also told them that it was no use to go back to college ever again, as she would be judged by what she does, and that she can’t be Evie anymore. Amanda still wanted to try to talk her out of it, but Carisi held her back, as Evie had already made her choice.

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