Law & Order: SVU Recap: The Intimidation Game

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Law & Order: SVU Recap: The Intimidation Game
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“Law & Order: SVU” Season 16 Episode 14 “Intimidation Game” aired on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015, at 9 PM on NBC. In this episode, after an attack on a woman employee at the International Video Game Finals, a female game developer launching a new big game was attacked by several men who did not want women in the gaming industry. However, things turned ugly and real quickly, as the lines between games and reality became blurred. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), who paid a visit to her old therapist, Dr. Peter Lindstrom (Bill Irwin). She told him all about her little Noah and told him that she was worried that he might grow up to be troubled because of his family history as he was already going around and breaking things. However, the doctor reassured her that this was normal for a young boy to do.

Meanwhile, Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola (Ice T), Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Detective Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, Jr. (Peter Scanavino) attended the International Video Game Finals with Fin, who was an avid fan of first-person shooting games such as Kill or Be Slaughtered (KOB). There, they also saw Leslie Connolly (Griffin Matthews), whose “Glasgowman” comics, which figured in a recent case, was now a video game.

While they were going around, two young men approached the Amazonian Warriors booth and told off the girl there, Sarah Keller (Susanah Flood), with her boss, Raina Punjabi (Mouzam Makkar), that they don’t want them there, and insulted Raina that the only reason why she had been able to develop her game was because she slept with a big-time investor. Afterwards, Sarah stepped into the bathroom while everyone was watching the Kill or Be Slaughtered Finals. Inside the bathroom, she was attacked by the same two men who had approached and insulted her beforehand. She screamed and told them to stop, but they kept on going. Leslie, who was informed by Sarah’s co-worker that she heard screams coming from the bathroom, got the attention of Amanda, who quickly went to the bathrooms. There, she found Sarah with a bleeding lip and a cut on her eye.

At the precinct, Olivia instructed Carisi and Amanda to comb the security footage, and brought Fin in with her to the briefing room to talk to Sarah, as she didn’t understand video games. There, Sarah told them that these men had cornered her and touched her and had left after she fought back. She then told them that these men were most likely Kill or be Slaughtered addicts who didn’t like Raina because the gaming industry wasn’t so welcoming to female developers and because their game went against everything that Kill or be Slaughtered was about. She then informed them that they were going to launch the game worldwide on Tuesday. Carisi then interrupted them as he had found some footage of the two men leaving the bathroom, and explained to Olivia that many wanted Raina out of the business and many believed that she had entered the gaming industry because her fiancé was venture capitalist Steven Kaplan (Peter Mark Kendall).

At the Amazonian Warriors offices, Fin told Raina that he had heard that her civilization building game was going to be better that Sid Meyer’s Civilization V. However, Raina did not seem that fazed by what had happened as she got death threats and threatening emails all the time. She didn’t really spend much time with them as she was busy with the launch, but her very concerned fiancé, Steven, was very cooperative with them.

Back at the precinct, Olivia couldn’t believe that Noah would be playing games like this in the future. Carisi then informed Olivia that Leslie had come in as he had seen several posts on feedback forums regarding the attack on Sarah. They then decided to lure out the two men who had attacked Sarah by letting Leslie barter an exchange — they would give them the personal information of the girl that Sarah worked with at the booth if they gave them the details of the attack, as they were bragging about it on the forum. Afterwards, Carisi and Fin arrested the two, Gary and Zack, whom Sarah quickly identified. However, she requested that this be kept under wraps because of the launch. However, soon after that, news of Zack and Gary’s arrest went viral, and a poster on the forum on RedChanning posted a video which showed him in a mask, saying that Zack and Gary were just sacrificial lambs for the cause of banning females from the industry.

Later, while they were taking a small break, Fin explained to Amanda that the reason why he liked to play first-person games at home after work was because he could easily gun down the bad guys without the politics and rules of the New York Police Department. He then discovered that an interview with Raina was being streamed live, and in the middle of it, a SWAT team came in to rescue Raina. It turned out that they had received several calls that there was a hostage situation there, which were all prank calls. Olivia and Steven then insisted that Raina come to the precinct in order to talk because the threats were becoming serious and that she had received a threatening message online, and informed them that Raina’s personal information had just been published on a subthread on RedChanning. They also were shown another video with the poster and the mask, saying that Raina slept her way in; but they couldn’t trace it as it had been posted on the DarkNet. Raina then insisted on pushing through with the launch the next day at noon at the Birch Pavilion, despite the threats of rape and death on her and her employees, and asked them to stay out of it. However, as they knew that there were going to be a lot of people there and that things may get out of hand, they decided to attend and to keep a low-key presence.

The next day, Olivia, Fin and Amanda stood by inside the main theater, while Carisi monitored the security cameras. First, several men in the audience pointed laser pointers at her while she was on stage. Afterwards, the lights went dark, shots were heard and the same anonymous poster told her that she would die. Amanda and Fin got the scared audience members out; Olivia ran to find Raina, but she had disappeared. After learning from Carisi that she was at the back entrance with a security team member, they went out and arrested the fake security team member who told them that he had thought that they were just going to cause a little trouble. After Raina’s abductors taunted the NYPD publicly on a screen on a building, the man that they had caught gave them the license plate of the van that had gone off with Raina.

They found the van in an abandoned factory, but there was no sign of Raina, as it had been abandoned. Inside the factory, they found Raina’s shirt and some blood, the KOB logo, and a phone with a video on it, in which Raina’s shirt was ripped off from her and she was hit. Afterwards, the video said “Level Completed.” This made them realize that this was just a game for the kidnappers.

Carisi then showed Olivia another video in which Raina was being raped by the men, who were still anonymous. Afterwards, another video was posted in which she was forced to say that all females in the industry were not safe and told Steven that she had only got engaged to him for his money. However, thanks to the fact that the video was suddenly geo-tagged, they were able to trace it to the house of Mrs. Rossi, whose son Anthony played video games in the basement. There, they discovered that Mrs. Rossi’s gun safe had been emptied; and after talking to her, they got the exact model and make of it.

Afterwards, they realized that they were following the script of the Kill or Be Slaughtered game and that the next move was they kill Raina. They then received another video in which Raina was forced to say where she was exactly. However, Fin warned them to be careful as it could be a set-up. However, the SWAT unit came in right away after hearing gunshots fired that apparently came from a nearby speaker. They then released Raina, who had been strapped to a gun and couldn’t move because she might accidentally set the gun off if she did.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Carisi went to the roof of the opposite building, where they knew that the abductors would be watching. There, they encountered Anthony who told them that he had geo-tagged that one video on purpose as his friends didn’t realize that what they were doing was real. They managed to get one of his friends down, but the mastermind refused to give up and forced Amanda to give up her gun as he threatened to shoot Carisi. Fin then came and ordered him to stand down, which he did, and then turned to shoot Fin. Because of this, Fin shot him dead.

Afterwards, Fin told Olivia that he knew the difference between shooting in games and reality, but Olivia told him that headquarters wanted him on administrative duty for a while. Fin then started to give Olivia his gun and badge, much to her surprise as the shooting had been clean. He then revealed that he felt that somewhere along the way, the lines had blurred for him, and that he had shot him so that he could bring the bad guy to justice. Olivia then told him to just go home.

Later on, Amanda told Raina that one of the men who abducted her had accepted a plea bargain and that the other one was going to trial, where she might have to testify. However, Raina told her sadly, they had won over her because she had decided that she was done with the gaming industry forever.

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