Law & Order: SVU Recap: Undercover Mother

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Law & Order: SVU Recap: Undercover Mother
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Law & Order: SVU” Season 16 Episode 15 “Undercover Mother” aired on Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, the Special Victims Unit team managed to raid a brothel in Queens. They raced against time to help a mother who went undercover in a sex trafficking ring in order to find her missing teenaged daughter. In the process, they ran into their former lieutenant and Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) learned something surprising about the true parentage of baby Noah. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, the entire Special Victims Unit team got ready to raid a Party House. Detective Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr. (Peter Scanavino) went undercover inside as a customer. Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish), Detective Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) and Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola (Ice-T) waited outside with a couple of patrolmen. Inside, Olivia told Carisi to ask about a new delivery from the madam of the place, who said that a new batch was coming in a few minutes. However, Olivia ordered them to move in already. She realized that the female handler was none other than Selena (Laura Gomez), whom they had helped before.

Back at the precinct, the girls insisted that they had done nothing wrong. The madam then asked for Olivia. She told her that she had been working undercover as she had been tracking this particular ring for one year as they had her daughter, Ariel (Danika Yoresh). She then explained to them that Ariel had gone missing three years ago in Toronto when she, Ariel, and her drug addict boyfriend had gone on vacation to Toronto. Ever since then, she tracked her down to Buffalo from Toronto and knew that she was still alive. It was because she had seen Ariel in sex ads and in pictures. She then told them that she knew that Ariel had been in the city for six months already but hadn’t gone to the police because nobody believed her. She then brought them to her apartment where they found evidence on her wall that she had been tracking down Ariel. She then told them that she had gotten close to a girl who was friends with Ariel. She had given her number to her. She then informed them that Ariel had called her six days ago and told her that they would not let her go.

Back at the precinct, Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba (Raul Esparza) told her that she had to turn in all of her evidence. She had to cooperate with them, or else she would go to jail. She then told them that Ariel was supposed to have been delivered that night. Selena had promised to deliver seven girls. She held back two last minute as they had to be disciplined by their pimp named Timmer (Jas Anderson). She then revealed that if a girl becomes too much trouble for a pimp, they sell them off as slaves. She had then bought several girls, and managed to get them back home safely. She also revealed that she was supposed to buy back Ariel and her friend that night. After Barba left, Olivia promised her that she would do everything in her power to get Ariel back.

At the motel, Amanda tried to ask one girl about Ariel but got no response. All that Carisi got from the girl named Pilar was that Ariel was called the “snow bunny.” In jail, Nick and Fin tried to get Selena to talk, but got no response. However, she became a little bit worried. It was after learning that her son, Miguel, was going to be placed in foster care and that she might never have a chance to see him again. After they left, Selena called up her lawyer and gave them the address of a Party House in a neighborhood in Queens. Martha then identified it as a house run by a madam named Tracy (Amanda Warren), and told them that Timmer often brings his girls there.

During their stakeout, they noticed that Tracy was arguing with Timmer. He left in order to get a new batch of girls for the “lunch rush.” Fin and Carisi tailed Timmer. They managed to lose him as he had realized he was being followed and went back to the house. Meanwhile, Nick and Amanda managed to arrest their supplier of beer several blocks away from the house.

Back in Olivia’s office, Martha was able to identify Tracy, Timmer, and Nina, Ariel’s friend to whom she had given her number too. Meanwhile, Nick and Amanda managed to get Tommy, the beer delivery man, to cooperate with them. It was especially as there was going to be a big party there that night because it was Super Bowl Sunday. Nick then came in posing as a beer delivery man, which allowed Olivia and her team to take over the brothel. She then instructed Tracy to call Timmer and to tell him that she had a “whale who was willing to pay top dollar for snow bunnies.” She then told her that the party was going to continue and that she would pose as Bethany, who would help her that night. Fin would pose as a pimp, and Carisi would pose as the whale.

Back at the precinct, Olivia asked for six of the youngest undercovers that they had. She asked for the house to be wired up for both video and sound. Martha then appealed to Olivia’s motherly instinct so that she could also come with them. However, she stayed in the van with Nick and Amanda.

During the party, Martha became concerned about the fact that Ariel wasn’t there yet. Then, all of a sudden, another pimp named Bishop came in, and wondered who Olivia and Fin were. However, Olivia and Fin recognized him immediately. He was their former lieutenant and boss, Declan Murphy (Donal Logue). After he pistol whipped Carisi in the face, Olivia drew her gun on him. Before Olivia could be revealed as a cop, Nick and Amanda came in and arrested everyone.

Back at the precinct, Barba was shocked and annoyed that the squad had gone undercover without him knowing. They got even more annoyed after learning that Martha had been there. However, she told him that they had another problem on their hands. They had just discovered that Declan was deep undercover with the ring.

Inside holding, Declan got mad at Timmer and blamed him for setting him up. After they took Fin and Declan to holding, Declan discovered that Carisi was part of the team. He got mad as they had just messed up a vice bust. He then told them that he had been deep in the ring for nine months. It was only now that he had managed to get in touch with the king of the East Coast, a pimp named Johnny D. After showing him a picture of Ariel, he told them that she had been sold to Johnny D and that he didn’t know where she was. Afterward, he told them to put him back in holding so that his cover wouldn’t get blown.

However, after Martha talked to Nina and revealed to her that she was Ariel’s mother. It was also revealed to her that Timmer had beaten Ariel up after Ariel had called Martha. She had given her to Johnny D, who used them as sex slaves in order to “break” them. Afterwards, they managed to get Timmer to reveal the location of Johnny D’s lair. It was after threatening to release him onto the streets with the story that he had cooperated with them, which would definitely earn the ire of Bishop and Johnny D.

At the basement of an abandoned hotel, they discovered three girls in very bad shape, but no Ariel. They then heard a scream. They discovered Johnny D holding Ariel with a piece of glass to her throat. However, he released her and Johnny D was taken into custody.

At the hospital, Martha thanked Olivia and hugged her daughter when she woke up.

Back at the precinct, Declan refused to come back in from the cold. He was now poised to take over Johnny D’s place as the head of all the trafficking rings in the East Coast. Before Amanda took him away, he told Olivia to take care, and told her that she had a good team.

Later on, at court, the judge decided to remand Johnny D to prison while he waited for his trial.

Afterwards, Dr. Melinda Warner (Tamara Tunie) stopped by Olivia’s place. She had discovered something that Olivia might want to keep off the books. She then told Olivia that because of this case, Johnny D’s DNA got a hit, a familial hit, on another case. She then revealed to Olivia that based on the results, she had discovered that Johnny D was baby Noah’s father.

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