Lea Michele Guest Starred on ‘Sons Of Anarchy’: Impressed With Implausible Performance [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Lea Michele Guest Starred on ‘Sons Of Anarchy’: Impressed With Implausible Performance [WATCH VIDEO]
Lea Michele at the 38th People’s Choice Awards, Red Carpet 2012./MyCanon

Lea Michele has given an incredible performance while playing the character of Gertie( a truck-stop diner waitress)  in the Oct. 14, 2014 episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ Indeed she is versatile and endowed actress. She can undoubtedly play any role and completely imbibe the essence of the character she is portraying. Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide's (MNG) report about Michele’s remarkable performance.

Michele played the role of Gertie in “Sons of Anarchy" Season 7, Episode 6. "Sons of Anarchy” is Michele’s first TV role other than “Glee.” It is in its final season and will air the finale on Tuesday, December 2, 2014. The producers and stars of the show also eulogized her performance.

Katey Sagal, who portrays as the bold mother of leader Jax, shares screen time with Michele. In the series, single mother Gemma tries to get back to Charming and meet a waitress named Gertie. Gertie and Gemma connects with each other during an intricate situation of life. Both the ladies shared a cigarette during the scene and shared their troubles. Eventually learning that their common interests and problems. Click here to watch the scene.

"She was so great. I worked with her and [she] couldn't have been more of a team player, more grateful to be there, completely humble," "She was beautiful," told Sagal during an interview with E! News. Swayed by her implausible performance her and “Sons of Anarchy,” fans expressed their thoughts on Twitter. Here are the latest tweets:

“Now we know what happened to Rachel Berry after giving up on Broadway, wrote Gary Sterling.

“Really great to see @msleamichele in a role that is so different than Rachel. This shows that she truly isn't a one hit wonder,” shared Michelle Eisenstadt.

Michele joined a season-seven cast that also includes Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson, among others. “Glee,” returns in 2015 with its sixth and final season. An exact date will be announced soon. Fans would love to see more such performances by Lea Michele in future.

And that’s the Lea Michele's new role update By MNG.  Stay tuned here on Movie News Guide’s (MNG) for more updates on your favorite TV shows, celebrities and upcoming movies.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ MyCanon

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