Leading Ladies In Roger Moore’s ‘James Bond’ Movies Kept Socks On During Intimate Scenes As It Was Freezing Cold

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Leading Ladies In Roger Moore’s ‘James Bond’ Movies Kept Socks On During Intimate Scenes As It Was Freezing Cold
Roger Moore

He was the proverbial spy who was in love with innumerable women, possibly more than any other man but contrary to what you may think, the love scenes were never as hot as you would like to imagine.

Sir Roger Moore was amazing in the role of the world famous 007 and he was the spy who was always falling in love with women. He acted in the role of James Bond in seven movies and had shot bed scenes with 19 girls while acting in these films. However, in reality, those scenes were not something to be thrilled about.

In fact, Roger Moore, who is 88 years old, says that they were actually unromantic to say the least. Roger shared that most of those bed scenes were shot during times when the weather was freezing cold. So he had to tell the leading lady to keep her socks on and who does not know how unromantic that actually is.

Moreover, during those shots, all the electricians and crews above him would keep shouting to give her one.

It was a different world altogether when Roger Moore acted as James Bond if you compare it with Daniel Craig playing James Bond in the new 007 movie “Spectre”. The film receives a Royal Premiere in the capital of United Kingdom.

It was quite often that spying was the last thing he had in his mind.

In 1973, in his first Bond flick titled “Live and Let Die”, Moore had to use a magnetic gadget for unzipping the dress of Miss Caruso, his first Bond girl. Madeline Smith played the role of the Bond girl in the movie.

It was quite a cheesy shot and was accomplished by using a wire to pull off the fastener that was attached from inside the clothes worn by the actress. The wire was pulled by a stagehand then.

Roger Moore further shared that he said not to worry as he would keep his eyes shut. However after the first take was done with, he said that the scene had to be shot again as it did not look good to him.


Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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