‘League of Legends’ Pros Vexed at Server Change; LCS Gets its First Female Pro

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
‘League of Legends’ Pros Vexed at Server Change; LCS Gets its First Female Pro
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Game developers Riot have moved their servers for popular multiplayer game “League of Legends” (LOL) This move has sparked controversy among professional “LOL” players. Meanwhile, LOL also got its first female professional.  Read on to find out more.

Last week, Riot promised to move its “LOL” servers from Portland to Chicago. It is a move that will reduce lag for a great number of players due to the centralization of the servers. However, the nascent “LOL” professional scene is largely based out of California, and they are complaining that this move will leave them high and dry.

According to Kotaku, the closer you are to the game servers, the lesser the lag. Now in the gaming community, the lag, (known as ping-rate in ‘League’-lingo) is a very important factor for professional gamers, and the move might mean that they have to “train on a quite possibly laggier version of League than the one they actually play on.”

And since every year Riot organises the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) with prizes that go upto $ 50,000, training is a big deal for the professionals in the game.  In twittersphere, the buzz is that many LOL pros are feeling compelled now move to Chicago to continue with their career.

It should be noted that this point that Riot’s decision to centralize its servers is a good move for the vast majority of the LOL gamers, as it will reduce lag for most of them. The pro community is a tiny fraction of total number of people that pay LOL and this move will aid the normal players, and not privilege the professionals.

LOL was also in the news recently with LCS getting its first female pro. “Renegades” gamer Maria Creveling, who goes by ‘Remilia’ in “League Of Legends”, won the League Challenger Series and is now part of the championships. However due to harassment and gender-based insults she has received whilst participating in various LOL games, she is considering not participating in LCS, End Gadget is reporting.

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Photo Source: Facebook/League of Legends

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