Leah Messer Attends Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Robbie Admits She Had Sex With Him Behind Jeremy Calvert; Rehab Stint; Divorce

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Leah Messer Attends Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Robbie Admits She Had Sex With Him Behind Jeremy Calvert; Rehab Stint; Divorce

Teen Mom 2” Reunion does not only involve Leah Messer but her ex- husbands Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms.  The “Teen Mom 2” reunion drama had ex- husbands Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms teaming up against Messer who apparently have kids with the two husbands and cheated on them. Read on for more details.

Simms jokingly tweeted a photo of him and Calvert teaming up against Messer which was quickly taken down. Afterwards, Simms tweeted saying that he had been quite for a long time now and won’t let wrong things happen anymore. Simms and Calvert have dug their past differences and apparently, understand each other’s side of the argument now.

Leah Messer and Corey Simms:

Messer and then boyfriend Simms found about the pregnancy of twins when the two were dating only for few months. Messer went into early labour and the two were blessed with twin daughters Aliannah and Aleeah. But their paradise soon got hindered when in haste to revive their relationship for their twin daughters. They decided to get married in 2010 before their daughter’s first birthday.

In April 2011, Messer accused Simms of infidelity and filed for divorce. After Leah’s rehab stint and divorce finalization, Simms have been tensed for his daughters as they had share joint custody for the kids.

According to IBTimes, Simms is waiting for any red flags in Messer’s behaviour which can cause harm to his daughters. Simms is sure to drag Messer again to the court for his twin 5-years-old daughters.

Leah Messer and Jeremy  Calvert:

In August 2011, Messer and Calvert started dating and by Christmas the two got engaged. After suffering one miscarriage, Messer and Calvert married in April 2012 and on February 2013 they got blessed with daughter Adalynn Faith.

According to Radar Online, after Robbie Kidd admitted that Messer had been cheating behind Jeremy Calvert’s back, the couple started having huge differences.

“I asked her if she wanted to come over and talk. Leah didn’t hesitate. She came right over, and one thing led to another and we had sex. We wore protection. That was the one and only time.” Kidd said.

“Teen Mom 2” couple finalized their divorce last month around the time she completed her rehab stint.

Leah Messer Rehab Stint:

Messer had to be admitted to rehab for drug use and, stress and depression. She came out of rehab completing a month-long stint on June 21. Meanwhile, Messer has yet not accepted her divorce with Jeremy Calvert in public.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Leah Messer

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