Leah Remini Files Report of Missing Person for Miscavige’s Spouse

By admin | 4 years ago

Leah Remini left the Church of Scientology in July and this week took her worries about the wife of the religion’s leader to police. A source has confirmed that Remini went to police and filed a missing persons report for David Miscavige’s wife.

The Scientology leader’s wife had allegedly not been viewed in public for more than six years. However, police said that the claim by Remini was unfounded and they said they have reportedly seen her themselves.

Detectives classified the report by Remini as unfounded saying that Shelly was in fact not missing on Thursday.

A statement that Media Relations from the Church of Scientology International released late Thursday said that the LAPD already states that this particular case was closed and that the report was unfounded that had been filed earlier by Remini.

The letter said it was a ludicrous, ill-advised self-promotion and the inquiries by the media it generated caused distraction that was unnecessary for the LAPD during a time when the budget and LAPD officers are stretched thin every day.

The statement continued by saying that the event was nothing more than a publicity stunt on the part of Remini, cooked up with anti-religious zealots and the unemployed to draw attention to themselves.

The statement ended by saying that Remini has sadly aligned herself beside a group of untrustworthy, tabloid sources who obsessively harass Church members to advance their own agendas.

Officials from the Church denied that at any time Miscavige was missing, but the former King of Queens star, was punished reportedly after asking the leader of Scientology why his wife did not attend Katie Holmes wedding with Tom Cruise back in 2006.

Remini would not say to anyone what made her decide to leave the church, but she did say in July that no one would tell her how or what to think and no one can tell her whom she may or may not talk to.

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