Leah Remini and Lisa Marie Presley Tweet Bashes on HBO Documentary of Scientology

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Leah Remini and Lisa Marie Presley Tweet Bashes on HBO Documentary of Scientology
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In response to a rather explosive HBO documentary regarding Scientology, celebrities and former Scientologists Leah Remini and Lisa Marie Presley expressed their thoughts on the said documentary via Twitter, thus opening a wide discussion about it.

On Sunday night, March 29, HBO featured the documentary ‘Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief’ by Alex Gibney, which tells about the shocking ‘secrets’ of those under the Church of Scientology and stories of its former members. This includes screenwriter/director Paul Haggis and some celebrities like Lisa Marie Presley and Leah Remini, who all had featured interviews in the documentary.

‘Going Clear’ tells about Scientology’s control over its members, which includes celebrities Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Shocking claims include members being threatened and tortured should they decide to leave. Travolta is apparently blackmailed into staying as the Church has some ‘damaging material’ about him. Former member Sylvia ‘Spanky’ Taylor also mentioned of a Rehabilitation Project Force which she described being a ‘prison camp’ where the members are ‘reindoctrinated’ by forcing them into 30 hours of hard labor with only three-hour breaks.

Upon the documentary’s screening, Remini took to Twitter to thank  people who created the documentary and encourage people to talk about their issues on Scientology. Presley also tweeted, “Sometimes…The S##t hitting the fan is a damn nice sound;)”

Talks about Scientology and the documentary became an instant topic in social media. While some expressed doubts about the documentary’s accuracy, many expressed their anger and criticisms about Scientology. A few also mentioned that there were some topics not included in the documentary that may apparently give the finishing blow.

Responding to the documentary’s allegations, the Church of Scientology released a statement saying that the featured claims in the documentary were taken from “… admitted perjurers, admitted liars and professional anti-Scientologists whose living depends on the filing of false claims”. They also stated that they were not given a chance to have current members speak out in defense of their faith, which would have given the documentary a fair viewpoint.

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Photo source: Facebook/Leah Remini

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