LeBron James Offered A Cool Million to be in Dunk Contest

By admin | 6 years ago

For most basketball enthusiasts it is common knowledge that reigning NBA MVP LeBron James knows how to throw down a monstrous dunk. However, James has said he would never enter a dunk contest and even has said that he would stop making huge dunks in pregame warm-ups if the media continues bothering him about entering into one of the dunk contests.

Magic Johnson, the five-time NBA champion is technically considered part of the media, as he is on the studio crew at ESPN. On Friday, during a talk about the upcoming game between the Miami Heat and the Memphis Grizzlies in which the conversation should have been centered on the matchup of two of the league’s hottest teams, Johnson decided to spend on airtime talking about something of very little importance, dunking.

He begged James to enter a dunk contest, even saying he would put up $1 million for the winner.

Over and above that was James’ Heat was preparing to meet the Grizzlies. The Heat had a 12-game winning streak, while the Grizzles had an eight game winning streak.

Even though a dunk contest with James as a contestant most likely will never happen, the most important thing when mentioning James’ name is the season he is having.

Most basketball experts believe James is having one of the best individual seasons of all time. The Heat forward is averaging 27 points a game, while taking just 18 shots per game, over 8 rebounds and 7 assists per game even though every team knows he is the center of the Heat offense.

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