LeBron’s Royal Faux Pas [WATCH VIDEO]

By Martin Antonio Cruz | 3 years ago
LeBron’s Royal Faux Pas [WATCH VIDEO]
LeBron James playing with the w:Cleveland Cavaliers

What happens when a six-foot-eight basketball rogue breaches royal protocol? Apparently, nothing much, except for divisive conversation among fans.

When Cleveland Cavaliers power forward met with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after the Cavs’ game with the Brooklyn Nets, everything was nothing more than your average photo shoot. That is, up until good ol’ King James decided to get chummy with the Duchess Kate and put his arm around her shoulder.

There’s a long-standing tradition in the British Royal Family that as per the rules of etiquette, one is not to touch any member of the Royal Family in any way. This includes, of course, the Duchess of Cambridge. It doesn’t look like King James knew of these rules, however, and really hugged it in with Kate, sweaty shirt and all.

If this were the medieval ages, he’d have been put in the dungeon for such a gross display of manners. But alas, this is the 21st century, and we are, thankfully blessed with cooler heads — or at least, the Duke of Cambridge’s retinue are — and spared from such drama.

Duchess Kate, for her part, vividly froze for a second when she initially felt LeBron’s arm around her shoulders. But it is to her credit that it did not take her long to regain her poise and go back to smiling for the camera.

This isn’t the first time a breach of royal protocol happened in public, as the Telegraph is quick to point out, and this probably won’t be the last. But what’s interesting is how the Internet has once again divided itself over such a simple matter.

The British media is all over the matter, and for good reason. Royal protocol is essentially a guide on how you should mind your manners around the royals. And if anything, the British are known rather well for their insistence on proper decorum.

Everybody at the other side of the pond, on the other hand, is understandably perplexed (and maybe a little bit amused) by this royal outrage. After all, over in Brooklyn, a hug is just a hug. It wasn’t like LeBron kissed Kate, unlike this little bit of a royal mishap that happened not long after Kate and LeBron’s little brouhaha.

Watch the video below, and see if you can spot when Duchess Kate basically shot daggers out from the back of her head at King James.

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