Lee Min Ho Donated His Personal Things For Charitable Auction; Helped Chinese School And Spent Time With Students

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Lee Min Ho Donated His Personal Things For Charitable Auction; Helped Chinese School And Spent Time With Students
Lee Min Ho Donated His Personal Things For Charitable Auction, Helped Chinese School, And Spent Time With The Students

One of Korea’s most influential and successful actors is Lee Min Ho. With all the opportunities granted to him, he surely gives his best to make the most out of it. It’s no surprise too if he is in the stage now in his career wherein he wants to give back and share his fortune. Recently, a school became the recipient of his kind-hearted deed. Read On!

According to KDramaStars, Lee, in collaboaration with LG, gave a donation for a local school in China. He is in Guangzhou to participate in the LG Styler Gala banquet of the company. More than just an endorser of LG, he joined the event and spent time with the students in this initiative of the electronic corporation. These students saw up close and personal Lee’s care and compassion.

The same article cited Apple Next Media of what he did for a school in addition to spending time with the students. The actor handpicked his personal valuables and gave them to a charitable auction. Fans, who joined the auction, helped his cause and it collected a huge amount of around $15,463 USD. The fund gathered from the auction will be placed for the LG Hope Primary School which supports and helps problematic kids. This school is in Qinhuangdao.


Lee remains as popular celebrity whether for individual projects or if he is partnered with another actress. In a report from International Business Times, Sung Yuri plans on having him and Suzy Bae together in a television drama series and starring as the main characters.

Sung shared that it will be entitled “She Was Pretty,” and wants them to be in the drama series because of their huge following and the support they can get from fans. She was not the first who recognized the mass appeal of the pair since other advertisement companies stated that they indeed earned with their onscreen chemistry.

With the endless opportunities in his career and with his credible reputation, Lee Min Ho continues to prove his worth both as an actor and endorser.

Photo Source: Lee Min Ho/Facebook

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