Lee Min Ho warns fans against ‘Shanghai Concert Rumors’

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
Lee Min Ho warns fans against ‘Shanghai Concert Rumors’

Lee Min Ho, the present most popular Korean actor who gained widespread fame with his role in “Boys Over Flowers” is in news for rampant rumor centered on an alleged Shanghai concert. While Lee is not so active music performer, he organised a concert in Shanghai and Guangzhou last year which was a massive hit.

According to Realty Today, around 10,000 fans attended the live concert which shows his huge fan base. But popularity and fame can affect adversely, and this shows an example.

As per latest rumor, Lee’s solo concert “Minoz World: Minoz Mansion” was to come in Shanghai on Feb 27, 2016 which was supposed to be held at Mercedes-Benz Arena. But Lee’s agency has confirmed that they are only planning for Korea and Japan shows as of now. Indeed sad news for Shanghai fan’s.

If it was just limited to the rumor, then it was fine. But people are taking advantage of the situation and scalping unauthorized tickets in the name of Lee’s Shanghai Concert all around China. Can the situation become worse than this? I don’t believe it could be. Anyways Starhaus Entertainment, Lee Min Ho’s agency has taken it seriously and is investigating on the matter.

“We will take relevant measures for the touted Shanghai show,” said a representative from Starhaus.


Meanwhile, Lee warns his fans against the fraudulent concert. He made it very clear that Lee Min Ho’s concert tickets are usually announced through his official website. So purchasing tickets from other sources which are not listed on the official website is against the law. We just hope that things get sorted out faster and people get their money back.

According to KDrama Stars, Lee’s concert in Korea is planned for Jan 16 at Grand Peace palace and Japan Concert is scheduled on Jan 25. But after the rumor created lot of buzz, Starhaus Entertainment is planning to bring the concert to Shanghai stage too. Yes, you heard it right! That’s some sort of interesting news, isn’t it! But the news is not yet confirmed. So fans, be alarmed and just wait for the official announcement.

Photo Source : Lee Min Ho| Face book

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