Lee Min Ho Wins Lawsuit Against Cosmetic Company

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Lee Min Ho Wins Lawsuit Against Cosmetic Company
Lee Min Ho

Korean actor Lee Min Ho has just gained a victory. Lee Min Ho won a lawsuit he filed against a cosmetic company that used his name without his permission. Read below for the full details:

According to K-Drama Stars, the Lee Min Ho Mayu Pack used his photo in “Faith: The Great Doctor” without the actor’s consent. They are selling face masks and the company decided to use Lee’s image to find investors. Strauss Entertainment, the actor’s agency found out about this and they immediately filed an injunction in order to “protect itself from secondary investment damages.”

Starhaus released a statement after the ruling:

“According to the decision made by the Seoul Central Court, Lee Min Ho’s name has been used to sell products that weren’t signed for with the company. Therefore, it is illegal and the companies have been banned from selling these products.”

Further, Starhaus said that they had no idea what was in the products. They are worried that it might hurt someone, which may damage Lee’s credibility and reputation. They also take into consideration that the actor has a 6-year contract with a cosmetic brand called Innisfree, which means that it is impossible for the actor to sign a deal with another cosmetic company.

There is no wonder why Lee’s image was used because he is known to be the “sellout king” that means that anything he endorses gets effectively promoted and sells quickly. China companies have also been investing in the Korean actor such as LG Electronics, Samsonite and Kyochon chicken. According to these companies, after signing on with Lee Min Ho to represent their products, their profits increased.

This marks as the first time that Lee Min Ho’s image was used illegally.

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Photo source: Facebook/Lee Min Ho

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