Lee So Yeon On Her Hubby’s Comparison With Singer Rain; Says Her Beau Is More Handsome

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Lee So Yeon On Her Hubby’s Comparison With Singer Rain; Says Her Beau Is More Handsome

The South Korean Actress Lee So Yeon unveiled too many things about her recent marriage with a businessman on the September 12th episode of “Entertainment Relay.” Read on to get details.

The “Untold Scandal” actress expressed that she was utterly nervous from the start. In her words, “I planned on sleeping for 7 hours, but woke up after 3. I ended up sleeping a total of 10 hours.” The actress added, “My husband said I was pretty. Even before the day of the wedding, we rehearsed. I think he was more nervous.”

According to Lee, though his beau is two years younger than her, but he possesses a deep sense of maturity. She is heard saying that his thoughtfulness and honesty is something that had driven the lady. Lee admitted that her husband honestly marks about her flaws and complements what she lacks.

Her confession gives us a long story behind the divine marriage. For Lee, the first meeting did not give any profound impression, but there was a sense of positivity. But it was ‘He’ who insisted about a long run after the third meeting and kept saying something good will happen. At last the fifth meeting surmises about the wedding.

Their love blossomed under the family support as she met him through her younger sibling. Their wedding ceremony was officiated by the actor Bae Soo Bin.

Now going on describing her husband, she remarked on the comparison the folks are making. Interestingly, the actress who seems much in love, scores her spouse higher than the Singer Rain, with whom her companion has been compared. Yes, she said, “In my eyes, he’s more handsome than Rain.”

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Photo Source: Lee So Yeon/ Twitter

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