The Legend of Korra Book One Primer

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The Legend of Korra Book One Primer
The Legend of Korra Logo. March 4, 2012. Wikimedia Commons/Nickelodeon (Viacom)

Nickelodeon’s “The Legend of Korra’s” fourth and final season will air in a few week’s time, on Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. To prepare for the final chapter in the story of Avatar Korra, Movie News Guide (MNG), is presenting everything that one needs to know in order to prepare for the “The Legend of Korra- Book Four: Balance”, starting with “Book One: Air”. Read on to learn more about the entire first season of “The Legend of Korra”.

“The Legend of Korra” is the continuation, and the sequel of the hit Nickelodeon animated show “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. “Korra” is set around seventy years into the future. Avatar Aang had married Katara, and with her had three children, Bumi, Kya and Tenzin. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko and Toph all helped to unite the different nations, whose capital became the glorious Republic City. However, as the seasons come and go, Aang himself passed away, leading other to search for the new Avatar.

During one cold wintry night, the Order of the White Lotus (the order that helps the Avatar) arrived at the Southern Water Tribe, as there were rumors that the new Avatar lived there. Korra, as a young child, presented herself to the order, and claimed to be the Avatar, easily bending water, fire and earth for them.

Fast forward into the future, a teenaged Korra (Janet Varney) underwent her fire bending test, which she passed, despite her being rough and reckless. Master Katara (Eva Saint Marie) then decided that it was time for her to begin her training with her son, Tenzin, who was an Airbender. Tenzin (J.K. Simmons) and his family of Airbenders, daughters Jinora (Kiernan Shipka) and Ikki (Darcy Rose Byrnes) and son Meelo (Logan Wells), and his pregnant wife Pema (Maria Bamford) arrived. However, Tenzin said that he could not yet relocate to the Southern Water Tribe as Republic City was still very unstable. Korra was upset when she was told that she could not go with him to the city.

During the night, with Katara’s and her parent’s blessing, Korra escaped and headed out to the city to join Tenzin on Air Temple Island. She rode her trusty companion, Naga, her polar bear dog.

However, the city was not as welcoming as she had expected. She could not eat anything because she had no money, and before she was able to eat what she had fished from the river, she was chased off by some police. She marveled at the city, and all the Sato mobiles (cars) that were around.She even passed by a small Equalist rally.  She arrested some hooligans, but ended up getting captured by Chief Lin Beifong (Mindy Sterling), Toph Beifong’s daughter, and her force of Metalbenders. Tenzin came to collect her, and he insisted that she should return back home. However, on the way back to Air Temple Island, after meditating and staring at his father’s statue, Tenzin realized that Korra was Aang’s legacy and not the city. Therefore, Korra could stay and start her air bending training right away.

The next day, Korra reminded Tenzin that she did not know how to Airbend, and that she is the least spiritual person she knew. Tenzin then reminded her that usually, the element hardest to learn would be the one opposite to the Avatar’s personality. For Aang, it was Earthbending, for her, it was Airbending.

Jinora demonstrated how to get through an exercise that taught basic Airbending moves- a 2,000-year-old device full of spinning doors, which one had to get through without touching any of the doors. However, Korra forced her way into it and kept on failing.

She also wanted to watch a pro bending match, which is when one uses bending to fight in an arena. Tenzin despises the sport as he says that that isn’t real bending. However, Korra ran away to the city to watch the games. At the arena, she met the Fire Ferrets, specifically the brothers Mako (David Faustino) and Bolin (P.J. Byrne). Mako didn’t care for her presence, but Bolin allowed her to stay and watch. However, because of one of their matches, their third team player, quit the team. Korra then volunteered her services saying that she could Waterbend, Earthbend and Firebend. The brothers then realized that Korra was the Avatar.

Korra, impressed by the new way and style that they fight and use their bending, asked for some tips from Bolin. She joined the team and the match, with the rule that she could only Waterbend. The opposing team knew that she was a rookie, and knocked her out of the arena, into the surrounding water. There, she was greeted by Tenzin who was furious at her. Stubbornly, Korra remained in the game. She was upset at Tenzin for not being patient with her and because he does not see that the new style of bending is good as well. Both Mako and Bolin were taken out, and then Korra, all of a sudden, much to Tenzin’s amazement, used Airbending moves in order to dodge attacks, and to inflict Waterbending attacks on the opponents, winning the match for the Fire Ferrets. Tenzin apologized to her and allowed her to stay on the team.

The Fire Ferrets were now in the running to enter the championships, but they needed around 30,000 yuan in order to pay for the championship pot. Mako found work at the power plant, and Bolin got recruited to do some security work for the Triple Threat Triads in exchange for a lot of money. Mako, who could not find Bolin at their apartment, which was just above the arena, decided to pay a visit to Air Temple Island, knowing that Bolin had a crush on Korra. However, he was not there. Korra and Mako entered the Triad headquarters, however no one was there, and they saw Bolin being taken away on a truck by Equalists.

The chased the van, but were ambushed by the Equalist Chi Blockers, who had the ability to paralyze their bending skills for a few moments.

The next day, they found out that a big Equalist event was happening, and they infiltrate the event, called the Revelation, in order to see where Bolin was. The Revelation was being led by the Equalist masked leader, Amon (Steve Blum), who inspired people that there should only be a world where no one had bending and that everyone was equal. He said that a Firebender had scarred his face and killed his family, and that started his quest for equality and that he had been given the power to remove the ability to bend. A side platform then rose, revealing the Triad leaders, who could bend, and Bolin.

Korra used steam from the boiler room to create a distraction, and during that time, Mako grabbed Bolin and got him to safety. Afterwards, Korra told Tenzin about Amon, who now posed a serious threat to Republic City and all the benders there.

The next day, Korra woke up from a nightmare, in which Amon took away her powers. Meanwhile, Councilman Tarrlok (Dee Bradley Baker) was made the head of the task force to capture Amon. He tried to woo Korra into joining the task force, but Korra refused, claiming that she was concentrating on her Airbending training. However, in reality, she was scared of Amon.

Meanwhile, while Mako went home from work one day, he got hit by a moped belonging to Asami Sato (Seychelle Gabrielle), who, to apologize, brought him out to dinner. She even let him meet her father, Hiroshi Sato (Daniel Dae Kim), the chariman of Future Industries, and the creator of the Sato Mobile. He decided to sponsor their team in the championship, and paid the championship pot for them.

Tarlokk threw a gala party for Korra and invited her. There, she saw Bolin, and she saw Asami with Mako, of whom she became jealous of. However, afterwards, Tarlokk shoved Korra in front of the media, who forced her into joining the task force.

After several raids, they were still unsuccessful to capture Amon. Because of this, she decided to challenge him to a duel at Aang’s memorial shrine. However, he did not appear at the appointed time. Instead, Korra was ambushed, and Amon told her that he was not going to harm her yet, as she would end up becoming a martyr, but he would destroy her last. As they left, she received a vision and a flashback of Toph, Sokka and Aang in a trial, and she saw that Aang was in trouble.

When she came to, she awoke to the familiar face of Tenzin, and admitted that she was indeed scared of Amon.

Korra put her Airbending training and task force work on hold as she prepared for the pro bending semi-finals. In the first few games, the Ferrets really worked well together. However, the team ran into some relationship problems. Korra, who was feeling jealous of Asami and Mako asked for some advice from Ikki and Jinora. However, Pema told her to just be aggressive and to let him know of her feelings. This is what Pema did when she saw that Tenzin and his ex-girlfriend were not really meant for each other, and Tenzin ended up marrying Pema.

Korra admitted to Mako her feelings for him, which he rejected. That night, they were still able to win, but Mako and Korra were pretty distracted. Asami and Mako then decided to go out for a date, and Korra, who did want to have fun, agreed to go out on a date with Bolin.

However, that night, Mako and Korra confronted each other about their feelings for each other. Korra clearly stated that she liked him, but Mako was confused as he like both Asami and Korra. Korra then kissed him, which he responded to. However, Bolin saw the entire thing happen, and heartbroken, ran off into the city. Leaving Mako to go and collect his brother.

The Fire Ferrets attended their match, and they barely held on, as none of them worked or played well with each other that night, particularly Bolin, who still felt betrayed by Mako. The two brothers ended up getting knocked out of the ring, and apologized to each other for behaving badly towards each other. Meanwhile, Korra was able to let them win, all by herself, giving them a slot at the championships. However, this meant that they would have to face the dreaded defending champions, the Whitefall Wolfbats, led by a guy named Tono.

The next day, while they practiced for the final round, Amon broadcasted a message on the radio, calling on the council to close down the arena, or else it would be the last pro bending match they would ever have.

The council voted to close down the arena, however, Chief Lin Beifong saw this as an opportunity to step up and to show Amon that they were not afraid of him. The council then agreed to allow the championship to continue.

In the corridor, Korra realized that Lin Beifong used to be Tenzin’s girlfriend, which was why she was very harsh and abrasive against him. However, for that night, they decided to work together, for Korra’s sake.

During the championship game, the Fire Ferrets managed to face the Whitefall Wolfbats. However, in every round, the Wolfbats kept on playing dirty, and the referee kept on ignoring the violations they were committing. The Fire Ferrets lost a very tiring battle, and they crowned the Wolfbats as champions for the fourth time.

However, there were Equalist members in the audience, wearing Chi Blocker gauntlets that gave off electricity, and they successfully knocked out Lin, Tenzin and the police force. Amon proceeded to make an example of the Wolfbats, and removed all their bending powers. While this was happening, Korra, Mako and Bolin were tied to a post, but they were able to get free thanks to Pabu, Bolin’s fire ferret. Korra once again received a vision of a ruthless man at court, with Sokka, Toph and Aang, looking like they were in trouble.

As Amon left on his airship, Lin and Korra went on the roof in order to engage Amon in battle, and fought with his lieutenant and soldiers. In the end, Korra fell through the roof, causing Lin to abandon her pursuit of Amon in order to save Korra.

Tenzin then declared that they were at war with Amon.

As the arena was destroyed, Asami invited Mako and Bolin to stay at her mansion, just as Korra said that they could stay at Air Temple Island. Asami and the boys then invite Korra to the mansion the next day.

Meanwhile, Lin arrested the head of Cabbage Corp, a big technological company, as they had found evidence of Chi Blocker gloves and propaganda material in the warehouse. However, the head of Cabbage Corporation claimed that he was innocent.

Korra and the boys had fun swimming in the pool, and Asami brought Korra along for a spin to test drive one of the Sato Mobiles that was meant for racing. After Korra went to the bathroom, she heard Asami’s father, Hiroshi talking on the telephone and saying that the Cabbage Corporation investigation bought them some time for them to properly strike back.

She related this to Tenzin and Lin who told her that Hiroshi did have a motive to be an Equalist, as his wife was killed by a Firebender. This investigation, however, caused a strain between Korra’s and Mako’s friendship.

However, thanks to a tip from one of Hiroshi’s workers, they discovered a secret tunnel running deep into the mountain. There, they discovered that Hiroshi was an equalist, and was creating Mecha Tanks (Platinum Robots) and that the tip off was a set up to get Tenzin, Lin and Korra down there. They are almost defeated and are helped out by Mako and Bolin. Asami however, followed them, and Hiroshi gave her a Chi Blocker glove, asking her to join him. Instead of joining him, she shocked him with electricity and helped her friends escape. However, Lin Beifong was seriously injured, and she decided to resign as chief, so that she could rescue her captured men her own way, outside of the law.

Mako became closer to Asami, as she needed all the support she needed as she was still reeling from the revelation of her father being an Equalist. Asami, Mako and Bolin settled into the Air Temple.

The new chief of police, Saikhan, was inducted. However, it seemed like he was in Councilman Tarrlok’s pocket as he put all his reinforcements under Tarrlok’s task force. Tarrlok then taunted Korra about her inability to airbend, as she refused to rejoin the task force. Tenzin then tried to calm down a frustrated Korra by asking if she had ever reached out to the other Avatars for help. Korra then revealed that she had been having visions of Aang in trouble. Tenzin then told her to meditate more about this. At the island, her friends comfort her by telling her that they were there for her.

They then decided to patrol the streets in order to help arrest Equalists. However, Tarrlok passed a law that made it illegal for any non-bender to be outside during the night, and ended up rounding out huge numbers of non-benders, much to Korra’s disgust. In retaliation, he arrested Asami for being the daughter of a known Equalist, and arrested Mako and Bolin as well.

Frustrated, Korra barged into Tarrlok’s office during the night, and they fought each other. During the fight, Tarrlok overpowered Korra as he revealed that he was a Bloodbender. He then placed her at the back of a van and drove off with her deep into the mountains, where he placed her in a metal box.

While there, she decided to meditate on the visions that she was having. She then saw herself watching Aang and Toph arrest a criminal named Yakone, who could Blood bend at any given time. Blood bending, however was deemed illegal by Katara, making it punishable and a crime to use it. During Yakone’s trial, Councilman Sokka ruled that Yakone was guilty and sentenced him to life in prison. However, Yakone used his Blood bending on all of them causing them and Aang much pain, and ran off.

However, Aang, in his Avatar state was able to recapture him, and removed his bending from him. Korra then came out of her meditation realizing that Aang was warning them against Tarrlok, who was Yakone’s son.

Lin broke Mako, Bolin and Asami out from jail, and together with Tenzin, they infiltrated the Equalist base, as Tarrlok had told them that the Equalists had Korra. Lin was able to rescue her men, but they discovered that Korra was not there.

Back at the Council Room, Tarrlok’s assistant revealed that she had seen everything and that Tarrlok used his Bloodbending skills to incapacitate Korra. Furious, Tarrlok escaped by using his Bloodbending skills on everyone.

Back at his hideout, he was about to leave with Korra, but he was confronted by Amon, who incapacitated him, and removed his bending. However, before Amon’s forces could capture Korra, she escaped to the snowy mountains, where a wandering Naga finally found her, unconscious.

Naga brought her back to the city, much to Mako’s relief, who decided to tend and take care of her, earning the jealousy of Asami, who had noticed that Mako had been really worried about Korra’s disappearance. Asami also learned that the two had kissed from Bolin, making her conflicted.

Mako tended to Korra, who got better after a day’s rest. She then warned them of who Tarrlok truly was.  Asami then confronted Mako about the kiss with Korra, to which he had no response, leaving their relationship rocky.

Tenzin then decided to go to a meeting with the Council in the city to discuss what to do next. Before he left, Tenzin asked Lin to keep an eye on his family, to which she agreed.

In the city, all the council members are abducted, and Tenzin was attacked. However, he was able to get rid of them, and became the leader of Republic City, just as Amon’s airships started coming into the city.

Tenzin went to Chief Saikhan who told him that Amon is attacking the entire city simultaneously. Tenzin then sent a wire to the General of the United Forces- General Iroh, telling him of what was happening to Republic City, and to ask for help.  They are then attacked as poisonous gas was sent through the vents to poison them. However, Tenzin was able to get them all out thanks to his air bubble.

However, outside, they were confronted by the  Mecha Tanks. Tenzin himself narrowly missed getting captured, as Mako, Bolin, Korra and Asami arrived just in time to save him.However, they were still not yet safe, as several airships were headed towards Air Temple Island.

On the island, the White Lotus Guards and Lin fought the Equalists. Lin was almost defeated, if it were not for Jinora, Ikki and Meelo who fought off the rest of the Equalists. Meanwhile, inside the building, Pema gave birth to a new son, Rohan.

Tenzin then decided that they should split up.  Lin decided to guard Tenzin and his family as they were the last Airbenders. She tried to ground two of the airships, but she was captured, and her bending was taken away from her.

Korra sent a wire to General Iroh, telling him that the equalists had taken over the city. He told his aide to tell her that they would be there in three days time and that he was looking forward to taking back the city from the Equalists.

Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami went into hiding within the sewers with the vagabond that Korra had met when she had first arrived in the city, while waiting for General Iroh and his forces. Both Mako and Korra went out on reconnaissance missions, where they saw Hiroshi telling the people that Amon has declared bending illegal, in order for everyone to be equal.

The United Forces came, but they were ambushed and attacked by underwater torpedoes and bomber airships. Korra stepped in to help save the United Forces, and saved Iroh from drowning. Iroh then decided to send Commander Bumi (Aang and Katara’s oldest son), a message telling them to stay first on Red Sand Island and wait for his signal, as it was not yet safe to approach Republic City. They then came up with a plan to ground the airships so that Commander Bumi could come. However, Korra decided to split up with them to take on Amon herself. Iroh allowed it, as his grandfather, Lord Zuko, trusted the Avatar’s instincts. Mako went with Korra while Asami and Bolin went with Iroh and Naga.

Korra and Mako headed to Air Temple Island in order to enter the temple and wait to ambush Amon. They are stopped by his lieutenant who told them that they needed to go to the arena for extra security for the rally.

They ignored this and entered the temple, hoping to wait at the attic. When they got there, they encountered Tarrlok, who was locked away up there. Tarrlok then revealed that Amon was his brother Noatak and that Amon was a Water bender. He then told Korra their sad history.

It turned out that Amon is the older brother of Tarrlok, and their father is none other than Yakone. Yakone had escaped from prison, changed his face and name and settled in the Northern Water Tribe where he formed a family. He was delighted when his sons were revealed to be Waterbenders and was tough on them as he trained them. He later on told them his real name and story and told them that they must avenge him on the Avatar.

Later on, he taught them how to Blood bend. Noatak, however, was much better than the soft hearted Tarrlok. However, Noatak had enough when Yakone made them Blood bend each other, and Tarrlok had refused. Noatak blood bended his father and told Tarrlok to run away with him, which he refused.Tarrlok believed that he would be able to achieve power by being in a power of position. However, this did not work out well and apologized to Korra.

He revealed that he had recognized that Amon was his brother because he had Blood bended Tarrlok to remove his power. The two then decided to reveal this truth at the rally.

Meanwhile, Bolin, Asami and Iroh went to the airfield. The plan was that Bolin was to destroy the airfield, while Asami and Iroh took care of the planes, but they ran into a force field fence and were captured. Hiroshi tried to get his daughter to be on his side, but she refused. He then revealed that he had intercepted Iroh’s message to Bumi and they were headed to destroy them.

Naga then conveniently appeared and Pabu ate through their ropes, freeing them. Bolin proceeded to destroy the runway, while Iroh commandeered an airship, and managed to take them all out in the air. Inside the warehouse, Asami, inside a Mecha Tank, set out to destroy the airships. However, she was interrupted by her father who attacked her. Together with Bolin, Asami was able to defeat and capture Hiroshi.

At the rally, nobody believed Korra as Amon revealed a burnt face underneath his mask. He then revealed that he planned to remove Airbending from the world, as he had captured Tenzin, Meelo, Jinora, and Ikki. Korra was able to free them, and she and Mako lured Amon to the arena’s gym.

There, Amon used his bloodbending to incapacitate both Mako and Korra, and he removed Korra’s bending. However, Amon’s lieutenant saw the entire thing. Feeling betrayed, he attacked Amon, who promptly killed him. This gave Mako some time to retaliate, which allowed him to run out with Korra in his arms. However, he was stopped by Amon.

Just as Amon was about to remove Mako’s bending, Korra stopped him by  using Airbending. They defeated him, and when he hit the water, the people saw that the scar was a fake and that he was a Waterbender.

He then freed Tarrlok, and they decided to run away together. However, while they were on the boat, Tarrlok decided to end everything by using a Chi Blocker Glove to blow up the boat.

Commander Bumi arrived, undefeated by the Equalist forces. However, Katara could not heal Korra’s connection to the other elements. Frustrated, Korra told Mako to go back to the city, but he revealed that he loved her. Crying, Aang and the other Avatars came to her, and they restored all her powers, making her the Avatar once more. Mako witnessed Korra in her Avatar state. After which, she told him that she loved him as well.

The next day, Korra restored Lin’s powers back, causing Tenzin to call her the Avatar.

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