The Legend of Korra Recap: The Coronation

By Kitin Miranda | 4 years ago
The Legend of Korra Recap: The Coronation
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“The Legend of Korra” Season 4 Episode 3 “The Coronation” aired last Friday, Oct. 17, 2014, on the Nickelodeon website and application. In this episode, everyone except for Avatar Korra (Janet Varney) gathered in Republic City for the coronation of the new Earth King, Prince Wu (Sunil Malhotra). However, an unexpected event happened at the ceremony which changed the fate of the Earth Kingdom drastically. Meanwhile, Korra got Toph Beifong (Philece Sampler) to help train her to be in fighting shape once again and discovered the real reason why she had been out of shape. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Prince Wu spent most of his time preparing the coronation ceremony that would be happening on that very same day by outlining every detail of the six-hour ceremony to Mako (David Faustino), his bodyguard, and had a fit when some police officers started putting bleachers on the area where he wanted a beaver dance to happen.

President Raiko (Spencer Garrett) and Tenzin (J.K. Simmons) assured a concerned Mako that several qualified advisers would be sent to Prince Wu to the Earth Kingdom, so that he would be able to rule the kingdom wisely. However, Tenzin (J.K. Simmons) expressed his concern over Kuvira’s military approach and rule of the Earth Kingdom. As Kuvira (Zelda Williams) had gotten very powerful over the past three years, Mako asked the President if he was worried that Kuvira would not step down once Wu was king. To this, Raiko reassured Mako that Kuvira had promised to step down once Wu was crowned as the Earth King. However, Tenzin, still anxious, told them that he would have felt better if Korra was around to watch over the proceedings.

A little while later, everyone gathered at the hotel to get settled in before the ceremony began. Bolin (P.J. Byrne) was ecstatic to be back in the city. However, to his surprise, he was greeted by his ex-girlfriend and Korra's cousin, Eska, and her brother Desna, who were the Northern Water Tribe Chiefs. He was, however, delighted when he saw his older brother, Mako, as they had not seen each other in quite a while. Bolin told Mako about the progress they had done in the Earth Kingdom, and Mako informed him that lately, he had been working for Prince Wu, which was not as exciting as the police work he used to do. Batar was also able to talk to his mother, Suyin Beifong (Anne Heche), who still did not like Kuvira, most especially with her militaristic approach to unite the Earth Kingdom. Prince Wu greeted Kuvira, who informed him promptly that she usually gets what she wants, and illustrated this with the fact that she had just had him kicked out of his presidential suite and had moved him to a junior suite instead.

Later that day, with only ten minutes to go before the ceremony, his three ministers came to him and informed him that the ceremony would be very simple, as most of the royal jewels and the crown, had been stolen by looters during the past few years. However, they were able to save a royal earring, which would be pinned to him as a brooch during the ceremony. Reluctantly, Prince Wu allowed them to do so.

During the ceremony, world leaders, such as Tonraq, the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe; Eska and Desna, the Chiefs of the Northern Water Tribe; Lord Zuko and his daughter, the Fire Lord; Su Beifong, matriarch of the Metal Clan; President Raiko of Republic City; Kuvira; and Tenzin, the leader of the Air Nation, were seated at the platform to bear witness to the solemn event.

After the new Earth King gave a small speech of thanks, he bestowed the Kiyoshi Medal of Freedom to Kuvira for all the work she had done in the past three years to help rebuild the kingdom. Afterwards, she was given permission to give a small speech. There, she told them that she had learned that the idea of having a royal family was “archaic” and told the audience that the reason why the Earth Kingdom had fallen was because of the kings and queens that had ruled it. According to her, the only solution was to continue to move forward, side by side with technology, and not with kings and queens. Right there and then, she denounced Prince Wu as the ruler of the Earth Kingdom and declared herself as the leader of a “new Earth Empire,” and that anyone who stood in their way would be crushed.

Bolin, unsure about Kuvira’s methods, told her his misgivings. However, Kuvira told him that they were just doing what was right for the Earth Kingdom, and that together, they could all make history. Bolin then pledged his loyalty to her, as he knew that they had done a lot of good work over the years. However, their conversation was cut short by Su Beifong, who had come to speak to Kuvira on behalf of all of the world leaders. She told her that they had all agreed that Kuvira should step down, but she refused. Su then told her that the reason why she did not lead the fight in trying to unite the Earth Kingdom when the queen fell was because she did not want to seize power, just like Kuvira was doing now. She told Kuvira that she had become a tyrant, as she only forced people to bow down to her and crushed those who stood in her way. Kuvira then threatened Su and told her that Zaofu would be crushed if they did not bow down to her.

Meanwhile, Bolin and Mako fought with each other, as Mako could not believe that Bolin still wanted to continue working with a dictator like Kuvira, who crushed anyone who stood in her way, and could not understand how Bolin could see the similarities between Kuvira and Korra. Bolin, hurt that Mako could not understand the good that they had been doing, countered by insulting his job as a “glorified butler,” as he would never make history, and he would. Prince Wu, who had heard everything, decided that they should go shopping to cheer Mako up.

At the Little Ba Sing Se shopping center, Wu became furious when he saw that people were wearing Kuvira T-shirts. He then demanded their support, as he was the king, but all they did was mock him. Furious, he threw his smoothie at them, which caused them to go after him. However, he was saved by Mako, who brought him to safety. At the replica of the royal palace, because he had been deprived of a crown and a throne, he ousted out the kid who was sitting there for a picture and sat in it instead, saying that it was the worst day of his life. However, Mako told him off by telling him that the reason why people supported Kuvira more was because, even if she was power hungry, she had helped the Earth Kingdom a lot, while he hasn’t done anything yet. Mako then asked if he, the prince, were an Earth Kingdom citizen, “Would you like to be ruled by you?” Because of this, Wu finally came to his senses and called himself a joke. However, after Mako apologized for being out of line, they had to escape right away as the angry men who had chased them earlier had caught up with them.

Meanwhile, at the swamp, Toph Beifong agreed to help train Korra to get back into fighting shape. However, Korra kept on getting defeated by Toph, who was enjoying herself as she had forgotten that “tormenting the Avatar” was so much fun. After an entire day’s session of defeats, Toph told her that it must be difficult for Korra, especially with all the metal in her system. It was then revealed that Su had not been successful in removing all of the metal poison she had been given by the Red Lotus and begged Toph to remove it. However, all of Toph’s attempts proved to be futile, as Korra could not seem to relax at all, most especially as during the second attempt, she had seen Zaheer again. Toph then gave up and made Korra realize that she probably did not want the poison out of her system, so that she would have a good excuse not to be the Avatar so that she would never get hurt again.

Meanwhile, on the train that carried Kuvira, her troops, Varrick and his assistant Zhu Li, they began to stabilize a section of spirit vine they had taken from Republic City, hoping to use it to create new technology. Kuvira then ordered him that that was his priority.

Back on Air Temple Island, Tenzin instructed his three children — Meelo (Logan Wells), Jinora (Kiernan Shipka) and Ikki (Darcy Rose Byrnes) — to find Korra, as he knew that she would be needed soon as there would soon be conflict within the Earth Kingdom.

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