Legendary Actor Omar Sharif Suffering From Alzheimer’s Disease

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Legendary Actor Omar Sharif Suffering From Alzheimer’s Disease

The legendary Hollywood actor who has famously portrayed classic roles in films like “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Doctor Zhivago” and “Funny Girl” will mostly ‘won’t’ remember his work and life the way we will know it. Omar Sharif’s son Tarek El-Sharif has revealed in an interview to El Mundo that his 83-year-old father has Alzheimer’s disease.

The legendary Egypt born actor confuses the names of his most famous films and forgets where they were filmed. Tarek El-Sharif, in his statement informed Omar Sharif’s fans that his father has retired due to the illness. He started with, “My father has Alzheimer’s. It’s difficult to determine what stage it’s at. It’s obvious he’ll never improve and it will get worse.”

Tarek El-Sharif is the only child of the legendary star with ex-wife Faten Hamama. Mr. El-Sharif also revealed that for now, his father knows that he is a famous actor but is confused with his classic roles in films like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago.” Omar Sharif also confuses his fans who ask him for autographs with people he knows.

There had been rumors of Omar Sharif having Alzheimer’s two years ago also but spokesperson of Mr. El-Sharif has declined them by calling them ‘mere lies.’ In the recent interview, Mr. El-Sharif also said that he has beginning to doubt his father’s illness almost three years ago, and the fact that the great actor does not recognize his illness and denies for any kind of exercises slows the process of healing.

The three times Golden Globe Awards winner has taken retirement due to his condition only, as he couldn’t remember his lines. His son also revealed that the day after his ex-wife Faten Hamama died on January 17, 2015, Omar Sharif has asked him, “How is Faten?”

Omar Sharif was last seen in the 2013 drama movie “Rock the Casbah” playing role of Moulay Hassan.

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