Legendary Voice Actress Christine Cavanaugh Dies at 51: The Iconic Voice in ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ and ‘Rugrats’

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Legendary Voice Actress Christine Cavanaugh Dies at 51: The Iconic Voice in ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ and ‘Rugrats’

Kids from the '90s will surely mourn about the death of a legendary voice from iconic cartoon shows. Christine Cavanaugh, who was known as the original voice actor of the unforgettable pig Babe and the child genius from “Dexter’s Laboratory,” died on Dec. 22, 2014. She was 51 years old. Read on for further details.

According to TMZ, the cause of her death was not announced. Cavanaugh was considered as a legend in voice acting from the 1990s to the early 2000s, since she provided memorable and distinct voices of countless cartoon characters such as the “Rugrats” leading baby Chuckie.

She also became the voice of some characters in “Aladdin” for additional voices, “The Powerpuff Girls” as Bunny and Bud Smith, “The Wild Thornberrys” as Short Tail Macqaque “Darkwing Duck” as Goslyn Duck and “The Critic” as Marty Sherman.

According to IMDB, Cavanaugh also appeared in TV shows such as “Cheers” as Terry Gardner, “ER” as Gloria, “Everybody Loves Raymond” as Erin and “The X-Files” as Amanda Nelligan for guest roles.

According to a Los Angeles Times obituary on Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014, the voice actress stopped from her career in voice acting in 2001 to have more time with her family. Nancy Cartwright, who was also famous for providing the voice of Bart Simpson, replaced her in “Rugrats.”

The obituary stated that Cavanaugh’s intelligence, humor and imagination was obvious to people she had known. It added that she may be famous, but only the ones who really knew her could see through the roles she played. They could see the “childlike awe of the world,” use of humor to deal with the unpleasant reality, being strong to deal with challenges and know when to accept or act what destiny had in store.

“She was able to do incredible and amazing things with her voice and bring lots of smiles and many laughs to people who are now young adults,” the Los Angeles Times obituary wrote.

The voice legend was from Layton, Utah. In 1985, she was divorced to her husband, Kevin James Cavanaugh. They did not have children. However, she was the godmother of a childhood friend’s daughter.

Cavanaugh is survived by her father, Kirt Johnson; her brother, Kirtis; her sister, Deionn; nieces, nephews and half-siblings. According to the obituary, a memorial stone was placed on Antelope Island, her favorite place, in her honor.

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