Legends Advance Recap: Pilot [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Legends Advance Recap: Pilot [WATCH VIDEO]
Sean Bean at the premiere of North Country at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival. 2005. Wikimedia Commons/Tony Shek

Legends” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” will air on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on TNT. Martin Odom has gone deep undercover with the Citizens Army of Virginia, a militia group that has been planning on a terrorist attack against corporate America. As Martin and the FBI worked to put a stop to this, a mysterious man came forward to reveal to Martin that he is not who he think he is. Read further to know more about what happened in the very first episode of “Legends” in our advance recap.

The show opened with Martin Odum (Sean Bean) assuming the identity of Lincoln Dittmann, a meek divorcee, who was training at the Citizens Army of Virginia. He was called in by one of the top-ranking men of the militia to clarify rumors that he had been trash-talking the group. Martin, as the stuttering Dittman, denied this, saying he’s loyal to the cause. One of the men pretended to shoot him, but foiled at the last minute, admitting they were just busting him out. Dittmann was then told that the Founding Father wanted to meet him, but before he could get any more details, the ATF attacked the army’s training grounds. Martin became pissed at the AFT because he had been working undercover in this group for six months, only to have his operation blown for a gun bust. The ATF confirmed his credentials and let him go upon learning he is FBI.

Martin visited the house of his ex-wife and son on his return from the undercover operation. His son was clearly pleased to see his father, but his ex-wife said that he couldn’t just appear like that after being gone for six months. Martin gave his ex-wife a cheque, but the wife called him out saying he signed this as “Lincoln Dittmann.”

While visiting his family, Martin noticed that a man in a hoodie had been stalking him. This same man was also at the grocery store following him around. When he tried to catch him, the man easily disappeared and blended with the crowd.

Reporting back to the FBI headquarters, Martin briefed his boss, Yates (Steve Harris), and his co-worker, Crystal (Ali Larter), about the operation with the Citizens Army of Virginia, specifically making sure that his CI, Russel Stillman, remained safe inside as he still needed him. His boss wanted to be sure that his CI did not set him up for a trap, and Martin was certain that Russell could be trusted.

When Martin left his boss’ office, Crystal reiterated to Yates that Martin has a personality disorder. But Yates said that he is the best at his job, and as far as this war on terrorism goes, he’d be more concerned if Martin weren’t on their team. Crystal, by the way, has a romantic past with Martin. Despite her protests, the two work well together.

Martin met his new FBI team for the first time. They will be helping him in his undercover mission when he goes back to the Citizens Army of Virginia. Martin briefed them about the operation and the “legend” or identity he has assumed: Lincoln Dittmann. As he talked about who Dittmann is supposed to be, his team started creating his identity, setting up his internet footprint and credit history, in case the militia checked. He also accidentally began to stutter as he talked, which his team noticed. Dittmann was the character who stuttered, and it looked like Martin got lost there and assumed his personality for a second.

At the subway station, Martin saw that the man in a hoodie was stalking him again. This time, he was able to confront him. He told Martin, “You don’t know where your life begins and your legend ends.” He also said that Martin Odom is a fake and that he should never trust anyone.

Martin received a call from his CI Russel. They were regrouping after the AFT bust, and the Founding Father of the Citizens Army of Virginia wanted him back. The FBI was ready to back-up Martin. But on the day he was to meet with the Founding Father, Russell had gone missing. He was being locked up and tortured by the Founding Father, under suspicion that he and Martin were disloyal to the group and the cause. Russell stood his ground and never gave up Martin’s cover, and he was killed for this.

The FBI has determined that Martin may have been compromised because Russell is MIA. But how will they be able to warn him when he’s already undercover as Lincoln Dittmann? He was currently sitting in a bar with two of the members of the army, waiting for orders from the Founding Father. Suddenly, Crystal appeared at their table, pretending to be a stripper and asked if Martin wanted a private lap dance. His companions allowed him enjoy this, and inside the private room, Crystal told him that Russell was already missing.

While getting his “lap dance,” one of the army members received a text from the Founding Father saying that Dittmann doesn’t check out. They were going to kill him already, but Dittmann reasoned with them saying that he has cancer and that, really, he had no family and nothing left to live for, except to do the bidding of the army. As he was saying this story, with the FBI team tracking and hearing his every word, they quickly worked on creating his medical records so that when the Founding Father checked, he would be cleared. And he was. Everything was to go forward, much to the FBI’s relief as well.

Now, it was time to meet the Founding Father face to face, as well as learn what his mission with the army was supposed to be. They were going to rob a bank and bomb it. Dittmann was going on a suicide mission, as the bomb’s trigger was dependent on him. Dittman pretended to be the good soldier and obeyed.

But just as they were about to leave, one of the men heard a radio interference with Crystal’s voice saying, “We have a man inside.” Martin thought quickly and grabbed a gun and shot the nearest men beside him. The FBI came in, and a shootout ensued until the Founding Father showed that he had his hand on the trigger. The whole place was going to blow up with everyone inside if he died. Martin talked him into not doing this and then succeeded to take the trigger out just as the FBI was able to diffuse the bomb. With the Citizen Army of Virginia’s leader arrested, their operation was a success.

Earlier in this episode, Martin sought the help of Bobby, one of the men in his FBI team, and gave a copy of the surveillance camera from the subway where he confronted the man in the hoodie. He asked Bobby to have this traced for face recognition, but he also asked that this be their little secret. Bobby had to hack into servers to get access to the man’s identity because it looked like the information was top secret. Later on, as Bobby was almost able to catch a break, successfully accessing one server, he was killed by an unidentified man.

In the final scenes of the episode, Martin received a call from the man in the hoodie who told him that they should meet because he needed to give him something. Barely minutes before catching him on the subway’s tracks, the man in the hoodie was stabbed by a passerby.

“You were never supposed to remember,” he told Martin. He also said to reach out inside his pocket for a book. That’s where Martin will find out the truth. When Martin asked who he was, he said he doesn’t know. When Martin asked who he is supposed to be, the man, unfortunately, was already dead.

So there you have it for the “Legends” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” recap, which will air on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on TNT. This was a good start to the series. Will you be watching it once it airs?

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Tony Shek

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