Leolah Brown, Pat Houston Chaos; Fight Breaks Out At Bobbi Kristina Brown’s ‘Sweet 16’ Theme Funeral

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Leolah Brown, Pat Houston Chaos; Fight Breaks Out At Bobbi Kristina Brown’s ‘Sweet 16’ Theme Funeral
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It was supposed to be a peaceful—beautiful celebration of the life of the young Bobbi Kristina, the only princess of Bobbi Brown and late Whitney Houston, but it seems like the feud between the two members of the Brown and Houston family can’t wait to start and it really turned ugly as a fight broke during Bobbi Kristinba Brown’s “Sweet 16” theme funeral between Leolah Brown and Pat Houston.

According to the report of Radar Online, the fight between the 22-year-old’s family started since the tragic night that she was found unconscious in a bathtub. And in the very day of Bobbi Kristina’s “Sweet 16” themed funeral, it seems like the two members of the family cannot contain themselves that the fight between Bobby’s sister Leolah and Whitney’s sister Pat messed up the supposed to be a peaceful day for the family.

According to reports, the ceremony had been going smoothly with Reverend Michael McQueen, the senior pastor at St. James as the service host. It was followed by tributes and eulogies.

Bobbi Kristina’s father, wrote a special message for her which read, “I also will always love you” then the gospel choir sang the same song that was played at Whitney’s memorial before, while on the other hand,  her grandmother, gospel singer Cissy sang “The Lord is my Shepherd.”

Everything seems to be okay until Pat gave her eulogy to her niece. Her speech reportedly sent Leolah into rage, which led to her being escorted outside of the funeral service.

After she was escorted outside, Leolah did not stop there, she made her way to a group of reporters and started fussing about Houston family being responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death. She even made a threat that she will expose evidence against Pat for unspecified offenses.

“Whitney Houston will haunt Pat Houston from the grave,” Leolah said angrily.

According to Leolah’s statement, everything is not over, it has just begun and it’s going to be a long drawn out process. It was reported that the family has been fighting over Bobbi Kristina’s $20 million inheritance and the “Sweet 16” themed funeral.

‘Things are connected…Pat is a fraud and a phony. She is not a Houston, she’s a Garland,” Leolah added.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Bobbi Kristina

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