Leonardo diCaprio Dumps Rihanna For Being Too ‘High Profile’! ‘Titanic’ Star Goes Back To Dating Models

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Leonardo diCaprio Dumps Rihanna For Being Too ‘High Profile’! ‘Titanic’ Star Goes Back To Dating Models
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Christopher William Adach, London, UK/May 3, 2014 | Leonardo DiCaprio at the Leicester Square premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street, January 9, 2014.

Rihanna and Leonardo diCaprio might have hit it off during her 27th birthday party, but it seems like their romance is slowly dying down.

According to HollywoodLife.com, the actor is having a hard time committing to a serious relationship at the moment. The source said Leonardo is a bit weary of having a relationship with someone as “high profile” as a celebrity as Rihanna. He’s also having too much fun dating hot models who is in his beck and call.

“She’s super famous and Leo knows if they dated, his already limited privacy would be compromised. A serious relationship with someone as high-profile as Rihanna just doesn’t interest him,” the source added.

HollywoodLife.com claims it was the actor who ended his relationship with Rihanna. He doesn’t seem  heartbroken at all by the break up and was quick to bounce back by dating a hot model.

“The Wolf of Wall Street Actor” was recently spotted making out with his new girlfriend even when Rihanna was just a few feet away from their table.

Apart from Rihanna’s low profile, Leonardo was allegedly upset at the singer for wanting him to lose weight. According to OK magazine, she wanted Leonardo to shed a few pounds because he was a lot “flabbier” than her usual lovers. The singer was said to drop a few subtle hints but the actor was a bit oblivious. Rihanna then bluntly told him to lose weight and even hired a professional trainer. At first, Leonardo found it amusing since he never had a girlfriend tell him what to do before. But it seems like he has changed his mind.

There you have it on the latest news about Leonardo diCaprio and Rihanna’s dating life. Do you think Rihanna and Leonardo should get in a serious relationship soon? Sound off in the comments below.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Christopher William Adach/Uploaded by Corvoe

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