Leonardo DiCaprio Just Signed on to Another Possible Oscar Movie Contender

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Leonardo DiCaprio Just Signed on to Another Possible Oscar Movie Contender
Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere of the film “Shutter Island” at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival Date 13 February 2010 Source ipernity.com Author Siebbi

Leonardo DiCaprio just signed on to star in a new movie and it looks like it’s gonna be another Oscar movie contender.

According to MTV, “The Revenant” is the next project that the talented actor will tackle and we are really excited because with DiCaprio playing the lead role, it only means that it is a good movie!

DiCaprio will play the role of Hugh Glass, a 19th century frontiersman. The story is about Glass and two other travelers Thomas Fitzpatrick and Jim Bridger. During their travel, they stumbled across a grizzly bear and it attacked Glass, almost taking off his leg and killing him but they managed to kill the bear. Glass is dying and his two fellow travelers don’t know what to do. A member of their party asked Fitzpatrick and Bridger to watch over Glass until he dies but they left Glass and stole all his belongings, leaving him to die alone. That’s what they thought. But, Glass is going to hunt them because he’s not going to die.

Glass’ story will focus on his survival and revenge as he struggles to stay alive in the middle of nowhere and he will finally come face to face with Fitzpatrick and Bridger who abandoned him and stole everything from him.

This is going to be an awesome story and knowing that DiCaprio is an awesome actor, oh we can’t just wait. It took years for him to commit to this project and now that the actor has finally signed his contract, it’s on!

What do you think about “The Revenant?” How about DiCaprio’s role here? This is the actor’s follow-up movie for his Oscar-nominated film “Wolf of Wall Street.”

“The Revenant” will be directed by “Babel” director Alejandro González Iñárritu and their target release date is in September 2015. It looks like “The Revenant” is going to be another Oscar contender for New Regency. Let’s wait and see if it will fare well like DiCaprio’s “Wolf of Wall Street.” Who knows maybe this movie will finally score him the Oscar Best Actor award that has eluded him for so long. Heaven knows it’s high time he receives one already!


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