Leonardo DiCaprio’s mispronunciation leads to attention to the 62-year-old Brooklyn artist!

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One of the biggest winners at the Golden Globes on Sunday was actually 3,000 miles from the Beverly Hilton — and benefited from celebrity faux pas.

Philomena Marano, a 62-year-old artist from Brooklyn, wasn’t even watching when Leonardo DiCaprio mispronounced the title to the nominated film “Philomena” as Philo-mania — which turns out to be the name of Marano’s website.

Many of the Globes’ 19.6 million viewers headed to the internet expecting to read more about the drama only to find out more about a Bensonhurst native who makes models out of paper.

“I went on Twitter and saw that ‘Philo-mania’ was trending like crazy!” says Marano, 62, who doesn’t bother with award shows or celebrity gossip.

The 62-year-old artist only found out about the mistake which led to giving her site a lot of attention on Monday when she read a Tweet from Coney Island feed Amusing the Zillion

“It’s pretty hilarious that Leonardo DiCaprio would mispronounce ‘Philomena,’ because it’s such a serious film,” says Marano, who instantly got a dozen+ likes on Facebook due to Leo’s mistake.

New Yorkers have definitely heard about Marano for years, however, this lucky mistake adds even more fame to the artist’s name which in turn does her good and there’s absolutely no harm in that. That’s some good karma flowing there.

Source: NYDailyNews

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